Past HistoryEdit

 The Great Knights and the Wingidons were the ancestors of the present Dark (Jugger Knights) Knights and the Eclipsors, both captured and enslaved by Chaos. However, it is said that 4 Great Knights escaped from Medusa and were captured by Order troops, who didn't want to hear their story. Great Knights were like Speartons, but carried a rectangular shield and donned the halberd, a mix of an axe and a spear, giving them a good reach. 
 The Wingidons were good friends of the Great Knights, but, through betrayal, Medusa found them in their mountains. Only a few survived, but who knows where they are?

Maybe a New Sub-Empire?Edit

I was thinking of like a new sub-empire with the backstory of the Wingidons and the 4 Great Knights coming together and supporting order.

I'll see if I can submit it to Crazy Jay if we get enough(200) comments saying 'Yes. This sounds like a good idea'

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