The Wingidons were the old Eclipsors.Their archery prowess was better than that of the Archidons.


The Wingidons were a noble and kind version of the Eclipsors.Unlike the Eclipsors they fought for good.They were good friends with the Great Knights.They had white,feathery wings and were better than the archidonis with the Bow.

Chosen WeaponEdit

The Wingidons used a variation of the bow called a shieldbow.This bow had a shield attached to the place where the user placed the hand while shooting.The accuracy,speed and impact are far better than the longbows of the Eclipsors.

Beginning of the EclipsorsEdit

The Wingidons,like the Great Knights,were attacked by Chaos.But betrayal was not the reason they met their end.The Wingidons were skilled rangers who lived in the mountains.But somehow Chaos managed to find a secret pass to their stronghold.Chaos flanked the Wingidons who,despite being flanked,fought strongly.One of the saddest things for them was that they had to fight the traitorous Great Knights,the Dark Knights.However,unlike the Great Knights who managed to hold of their own aganist so many nations,the Wingidons were unable to hold their own.Some managed to flee,some died and the majority were captured and mutated in Eclipsors.Their white,feathery wings turning into black,leathern bat wings.Their noble hearts twisted.

End of the WingidonsEdit

The surviving Wingidons had managed to escape to a mountain pass in which there were no secret entrances.But Chaos now had the Eclipsors and used them aganist the Wingidons.The Wingidons,like the Great Knights,did not want to slay their old brothers.But unlike the Dark Knights,who had twisted themselves too far,the mutation of Chaos had left the Eclipsors remorseless and uncaring for the plight of their brethren and they slew the Wingidons.

Relationship with other nationsEdit

Archidons:The Wingidons felt brotherhood with the Archidons.They thought of the Archidons as their own.

Eclipsors:The Wingidons felt extreme pity and grief for the Eclipsors.For they knew the twisted corruption of Chaos had destroyed their souls.

Great Knights:The Wingidons were great friends with the Great Knights.They helped each other whenever one encountered a war.

Giants:The Wingidons saw Giants as a pitiable race who were unable to take part in social life.They thought that Giants were poor creatures who just needed aid.But after the first invasion these feelings turned to hatred.

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