Westwind is a city in western Inamorta that was the sight of two battles in the Stick War games.


In Stick War, it is a rocky place with dead trees all over the place. In Stick War 2, it is portrayed as as vast grassland with villages scarttering the main metropolis. In Stick Empires it is called Grass Hills and is the largest battlefield in the game.


Stick War 1Edit

In the first war, Westwind was originally a neutral nation like Pertland that, like the original order, mainly consisted of miners and other people in non-combat positions. However, nearby Speartons and Archidonis fleeing their conquered homelands found the area useful for their purposes, and ended up proclaiming themselves as the new rulers. Soon, Order was alerted to the plight of the people and managed to remove the Spearton and Archidonis from power there, thus freeing the people of the land.

Stick War 2Edit

After suffering serious, continuous defeats at the hand of Order, each of the rebel nations found refuge in Westwind and formed an alliance under one banner. There, they planned one last offensive against the Order army, though they were soon defeated and Order moved onwards yet again.


  • Strangely, Westwind has no known military forces but remains unconquered.
  • Westwind seems to be allies with The Order