The Way of the Claw is a divine intervention used only by the Crawler. It allows the Crawler to use its own, sharp fingers to slowly gouge an enemy into tiny, bite-sized pieces.


The Claw are only used by the Crawler. It is believed to a natural product of evolution, but the evil Medusa could have influenced the evolution of the Crawlers, causing them to fight / appear the way they currently do.


Ninja claws

A set of Claws

All Claws are known to be curved and the only artificial Claw known within the Libary of Order is a powerful claw used by the Shadowrath . All other claws are natural parts of the Crawler.


The history of the Claws is mostly limited to creatures that evolved the Claw. No other history is known.


The Crawler are not a nation, but are tamed pets of Chaos used to wreak havoc among their enemies' troops. The Shadowrath are known to have a few set of claws, though these Claws are merely aesthetic and must be bought to be used.


  • This the only form of war that is natural and not stick-made.