Water elemental is a unit from the Elemental Empire. It is a support unit which freezes foes, which can be useful for dealing with a rusher, such as a single rushing spearton. When they die their head turns green quickly and drops on the ground which heals nearby elementals. You can sacrifice one by clicking on it then using sacrificial mass heal. 3rd most expensive elemental.Cool right?(literally!)


This elemental has a head with water sloshing around inside of it

Tactics: Edit

Water Elementals are one of the most used Elemental due to their ability to freeze foes. Use this Freeze attack to freeze key units, as it leaves them completely vulnerable to other attackers. You can use the Freeze with Air or Fire Elementals, or if you can, Scorplings, as they can kill all unarmored units very quickly if they're frozen. In the early game, Freeze all of the ranged units so the Earth Elementals can kill them without much damage, though it may be wise to send some of the Earths at melee troops as well. Sacrificial Mass Heal is a lesser known ability, mainly because the Water Elemental cannot use it while frozen. However, it does cure poisoning and heal a decent amount, so use it often.

Counters: Edit

Water Elementals are one of the easiest to kill. In early game, use a ranged unit to kite the Water Elemental until it dies. If there's more than one, use lots of ranged units to take them out before they Freeze. This is by far the best method of taking them out. If you don't have any ranged units, however, you can use "forced Freezing." This makes the Water Elemental use its Freeze on a different unit that is of lesser significance to your army, such as Crawlers or Swordwrath. This not only leaves the Frozen troop vulnerable, it leaves the Elemental vulnerable, so feel free to take it out after it Freezes. Marrowkai's Reaper disables the Water and also leaves it vulnerable, except for the fact that it can't Freeze when the Reaper effect is in place!



Stats Info
Health 2 bars
Attack Power None w/ freeze
Attack Rate None
Attack Type Freeze
Unit Type



Training Cost

350 gold

0 mana

Training Time 12 secs.


Ability Info
Sacrificial Mass Heal

Can be done manually or when he dies

Effect Info
Heal 2 Moderate (High after advanced healing upgrade)
Effect Time Instant
Activation Cost His Life


Upgrade Info
Advanced Healing

Increases the amount heled when using the Sacrificial Mass Heal Ability

Upgrade Info No.

300 gold

100 mana

Upgrade time 40 secs.
Upgrade Location Waterfalls

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