V is the combination of the Elementals; Fire, Air, Earth, and Water. V is one of the strongest units in Stick Empires.

V can possess any enemy unit, but not their statue, castle archer or building. If you can,you should control a giant if your enemy makes one. Any possessed units are under your control and can be released by moving V. V can summon clones with an upgrade, they look like a blue-ish V that can only use melee attacks. V can also teleport short distances, this is useful if the enemy has units that could potentially kill the V.


V is one of the most powerful spellcasters in the game. Unlike the Magikill, Marrowkai, Airburn, Meric, and Medusa, V deals solid melee damage as well. Clone is useful early in the Deathmatch gamemode, as clones can give an army extra bulk if the army is still weak. Flash can move V behind a meat shield, like a Charrog or a Possessed Chaos Giant if V ever moves in front of it. Posses allows V to possess very key units in the opposing army. Make sure to possess Giants, Enslaved Giants, or any enemy spellcasters, especially Medusa. V can also possess air troops, so take advantage of this whenever you can. In Deathmatch, Possess and Clone synergize well together. Purchase and use Clone (buy Clone 2 if you can), then possess one of the enemy's tank troops to protect the Clones and the V himself to maximize their damage output.


According to his quote in the armory, he used to be a god, but that status was probably taken away by Medusa after he was jailed. He appears in the jails at the end of Stick War 2.

It's possible he could be based off the Faceless Ones, as he wants to be a god, can possess units and can create tentacles from his stomach