I am the Stick Empires user Saburei, in case your wondering, i picked saburei as my username, but (to my extreme horror) it was taken by someone else...i'm not sure what these people want from my totally original name.

The Units (in my point of view)Edit

Miner: without them, we die.

Swordwrath: great backup.

Archidon: the sniper of the army

Albowtross: the unreachable, guardians.

Spearton: the front lines.

Shadowrath: the silent assassins, (also spies)

Magikill: second in command, HARASSERS (because of poison)

Meric: the bravest in battle.

Enslaved Giants: pitiful creatures.

My Motto(s)Edit

"To Watch Your Defeat, Is Braver Than Running Away From It""

Meaning: id rather see my statue crumble than quit.

"Magic is in the air."

Meaning: A Magikill and Albowtross Team-up is worth millions.

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