Okay, I'm playing Stick Empires and I have the central pillar and an army of speartons, albowtross, and enslaved giants. Not to mention the level two tower spawn I bought. The other person has a large army of 14 maybe 15 speartons. I know what he is going to do. He is going to send out the speartons and only target my statue. So I click the defend button build several miner walls, upgrade my statue, and get all four tower archers. Just for good measure I send out some of miner to die so I can make room for plenty of shadowraths. So the other user attacks and I feel confident that I will beat him. I didn't. Every single time I try to beat this "strategy", I fail. I admit I used it once when I was fighting an army of chaos giants, but only so I get a chance to win. The whole point of Stick Empires is for both sides to be able to win, but with this "strategy", the opposing side always wins. I think that this strategy should only be able to work against giants because the giants will always win unless for this strategy. Tell me what you thinl.

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