Yeah, I'm new. I'm determined to bring a story to the game Stick Empires. I'm a big fan and hope that I can make the story of Order can be more exciting. If you want to read my story explaining Stick Empires, you can keep looking on my page. Don't ask me about facebook because I don't have one. I have givin an explanation for merics, albowtross, enslaved giants, and shadowrath.

Merics: The art of healing was well know for a long time, but magikill would not allow perform their healing because, well, they were women. (sorry ladies) But in the desperate land of Order chose to use the merics. It wasn't until the magikill were desperate themselves that they used merics on the battlefield.

Albowtross: The land of Order developed a pair of wings and crossbow before they became united. It was when Order became united and peaceful that they forgot the way of the flying crossbow. After the encounter with the eclipsors, they recovered the plans for the albowtross. This explains why the Order Empire was able to (re)develop the albowtross.

Enslaved Giants: The Chaos Empire was established at the time and wanted to expand into Order, mainly because of the mines and fertile land, and sent in an army of giants. One Order city-state managed to capture tons of giants when driving Chaos out of their territory. When the city-state was captured by many other city-states, their giants spread all over the land. They were later killed off through warefare and every image of the Chaos Empire in Order was removed. This explains why the Order Empire was able to capture and enslave giants so quickly in Stick War I and Stick War II

Shadowrath: Shadowrath were first developed in a city-state captured by Chaos. In a failed rebellion, the shadowrath were exiled into other lands, including other city-states and the nation of the swordwrath. While the art of the shadowrath because of the lasting peace in the united Order, the art of the shadowrath continued underground in Swordwrath territory. This explains why the shadowrath were able to (re)establish and defend itself so quickly after the rebellion

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