Okay, with the Gold Membership you can get the Chaos Empire and 1,000 coins instantly, not to mention the 300 coins you get every month. Sounds good, right? I've encountered membership like this, but not with a game like Stick Empires. With Stick Empires, you aren't as restricted as many other games with memberships are. Since you can get coins other ways, the only thing you get with the Gold Membership is the Chaos Empire. (Maybe the Elemental Empire in the future) Now, I'm pretty satisfied with just the Order Empire. I prefer crossbows over longbows and spears over axes. It's also difficult to use the Chaos Empire, with the passive upgrades nessesary to have a really good army. Let me make it clear what you are spending (wasting) $4.00 (sorry, $3.99) on: the Chaos Empire, which is a handfull to use, and is only good at scaring the enemy into submission. Now, some people like all the coins you get. Okay, so you spend all your money on all that fancy gear. Does it make your army have an edge? No, not at all. In fact, I was able to beat another swordwrath with my swordwrath when his swordwrath had a fancy sword. (I admit it, I do like it) Some people say that the upgrades makes their army look more unique. Well, is a special army worth $4.00 a month? Not in my book. Not to mention that you can still upgrade without the Gold Membership. I agree, it's good to support Crazy Jay and all the other developers, but you can support them in other ways.

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