Be honest, you hate giant spammers. When those massive beings come in giant groups and defeat you, you go "dang I hate these guys". And when massive groups of speartons come and go to your statue, you think "he's not even attacking my miners, who does that?" well guess what, i think it's time we get rid of these people once and for all. They have practicied this to take over Inamorta long enough. It's time we put them in their rightful place, at the bottom, where the bottomfeeders, the noobs, the underdogs, lay. We want to make sure they feel the pain that we felt when they defeated us in the most foolish of ways. Make them feel our revenge. Now, if you don't want to participate in this , look no more and go back to what you were doing. But if you do want to participate, read on.

now, you may say this seems a bit harsh, but hey I've been tormeted by these people for so much It's kind of annoying. So, now here's the plan. When you find out the person who you are facing is a spammer, say these words.

"You are a man who fights like a winner yet wins like a loser.

A true warrior is one who finds their own strategy and uses it in succesful battle.

Leonidas and Alexander the Great were true warriors,

noobs who spam are not.

So my last words are to be of this:

A loser is one who fights in the wrongest of ways

And a loser is you!"

So that is the speech. If  you find out he is a giant spammer early, say this. If you found out in the end, temporarily add him as a friend and say these words. I say not more.