Hey, guys.

I'll be leaving the Wiki tomorrow, which means I won't be able to monitor for any trolls and all that stuff.

Which is why I'm promoting Binary, Feemer and BladedFire to admins so they can keep control in the Wiki for any trolls, spammers and... well, basically bad stuff.

I'll come back somewhere around January 1 to 7. In the mean time, I'm entrusting the Wiki to you three, since you're the most dependable and best contributors, so far. As admins, you'll be able to delete and rename pages. You will also have the power to ban people from the Wiki. Seems cool, huh?

To people like Jombloxx, sorry. But I really had to pick three and three only. Keep contributing, and maybe I'll make you admins, too.  :)

Good luck, you three!

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