Instead of just editing storylines, I have many tasks for you all to do.

  • Someone to stalk in Stickpage Forum and edit when some new thing like clan and researched facts are said in the Forum.
  • Someone to frequently edit the Purchasable Items page. I really need someone to do that. Add preview and more to make it better.
  • For the replay page, we should add a "top replay" page which listed out top 10 replays of the day and of course someone gotta need to edit it frequently.
  • Someone need to search around the pages to check if anyone is trolling. Report to Binary or me(specifically) or Juicebox to let us edit it back.
  • Some admin need to ban someone who troll.
  • Stop asking a Bureaucat to promote yourself( a normal contributor). Get yourself creative and make something that can impress us. This should increase the chance of promotion.
  • For some pages, I need you all to add some pictures to it.

That's all. I really wanted this wiki to be as organized and at the same time as good as some well-known game wiki.

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