Each and every unit in Stick Empires moves at a certain pace. As the Stick Empires community does not have definitive numbers on the exact speeds of units, this page details unit speeds compared to each other. Units with their speeds unsure have an asterik (*) beside their name. Multiple units will appear on the same line if their speeds are approximately equal.

In order from fastest to slowest

  1. Raged Swordwrath*
  2. Shadowrath / Bombers*
  3. Crawlers (With Predatory Edge) *
  4. Speartons
  5. Normal Swordwrath / Juggerknights*
  6. Eclipsor*
  7. Archidon
  8. Cloaked Shadowrath
  9. Albowtross
  10. Magikill / Medusa / Meric / Marrowkai
  11. Chaos Giants* / Enslaved Giants / Deads*

Not included: