Made by User Honeflash as information of new unit ideas of Stick War Heroes: War of Inamorta

Great Swordwrath Edit

Just like the improved Shadowrath, the Great Swordwrath are Heavily strong Swordwrath who carry Giant Swords into battle. Completely Armored, the Great Swordwrath can take numerous hits.

Kunoichi Edit

The Kunoichis are women Shadowrath who trained in the same Shinobi arts. Stealthy, and silently, until they issue a battle cry.

Javelineer Edit

The Javelineer are Spearton units that use ranged spears called Javelins to throw, alongside with their magical wizard who casts Javelins to throw, but cant defend himself.

Lancemen Edit

Lancemen are Lance carrying Speartons who have now trained themselves in the art of horseback riding to gain an advantage over their rival nations.

Catapult Edit

Catapult were developed by the Archidons and Swordwrath for a longer range of battle.

Axewrath Edit

The Axewrath are similar to the Juggerknight, but carry longer and tougher axes.

Siegewrath Edit

Siegewrath are strong, Halberd-wielding units that can use a special spin attack to attack and can possibly kill 3 Swordwrath in one spin.

Juggernaut Edit

The Juggernauts are highly trained brutes equipped with Frag Arrow Crossbows that explode on the first enemy and three more ricochet off and hit any others in proximity.