The ability to control unitsEdit

Unit controlling is an ability in Stick War l that allowed the player to take personal control of individual units. Units under control would deal alot more damage and  have far more health. In fact, in Stick War l, it was required 2 Swordwrath to beat a Spearton, but a single controlled Swordwrath can beat a lone Spearton, and it's possible for a clubman that is controlled to kill a max upgraded Swordwrath, so long you get the first  strike. Also, a user controlled Archidon had the ability to deal instant-kill headshots towards virtually every unit other than the giants, although you needed max upgraded arrows to do it to Speartons. However, when controlling a unit, the player loses the ability to freely look around the battlefield.

This feature is no longer in Stick War ll and Stick Empires, but it is replaced instead by individual commands, like a feature that allows Swordwrath to target certain enemies, to individually garrison, to move somehwere specific, attacking or not attacking on the way, so on.

Stickwar guide spearton

A pair of Speartons fighting a Swarm of Swordwrath. One of them is being user controlled.

Stickwar guide giant (1)

A user controlled Swordwrath. The one with the star above his head is the one being controlled.

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