Ghost Spearton

A "Ghost" Spearton who has spawned from the pillar.

The Tower Spawn is an upgrade available to all Empires.

Tower Spawn InfoEdit


Tower Spawn 1

Tower Spawn is an ability researched in whatever building your empire's miners are built in. The first level costs 600 gold and 200 mana. The second level costs 2000 gold and 1000 mana to purchase. 

Once researched, if you have full control of the tower, in addition to free gold from it, you will get a free unit every few seconds after the current tower span unit dies. This unit does not count towards population and is just as good as the unit would be if you built it yourself. However, you cannot control this unit. It will mindlessly charge at the enemy statue attacking any enemies it encounters. This unit is differentiated from your normal units by a blue glow or a tint. 

Tower Spawn - Giant

A Ghostly Giant who has spawned from the pillar

If you have level one tower spawn, the unit is a Spearton (if playing as Order) or a Juggerknight (if playing as Chaos) or a Charrog (if playing as elemental).

If you have level two tower spawn, the unit is the giant of your empire (Enslaved Giant for Order and Giant for Chaos). The giant will be affected by any giant growth upgrades you own and purchased. Elemental empire will have a larger Charrog.

Note that once you get level two tower spawn, the rate at which your ghost unit spawns is reduced (for balancing reasons) and you can no longer spawn a Spearton (if playing as Order) or a Juggerknight (if empire is Chaos).


Generally, the level one tower spawn is used to safely scout the enemy base. It is also sometimes used to absorb projectiles for Archidons who can follow it and hurt or kill one or more enemy units without taking damage themselves. Using Swordwrath, Bombers, and Scorplings with Tower Spawn units is a great idea, as they can take out anything in the vicinity attacking the Tower spawn. 

The level two tower spawn is rarely gotten and is usually only gotten to assure one's victory. It is used to support a final attack on an enemy base most of the time.