The Light Empires creation:Edit

It began when Inamorta was made. The magic was strong so it was able to make life, but it was so strong that that the beings where made of pure light magic. the numbers where so great, that they decided to form and build an empire.

The Darkness Empire's war and the Nation's creationEdit

When the Darkness Empire (Page coming soon,) came, the two empires immediately clashed. The war destroyed them both. They survived but were too weak to fight. while the empire of darkness fled to the chaos realm that they ruled, the light empire went into hiding. A millennium later, the Empire of Light decided to create new life, but it didn't go as planned. The New Life splintered into their own seperate Nations, unaware that others existed. There was one nation that rose throughout Inamorta into an empire (The Order Empire, sorry Crazy Jay if you don't like it.) that both the Light and Darkness empire's secretly admired respectively.

Advantage of The Empire of Light                                   Edit

It is made up of it's own empire and Order Empire. The Light Empire's units can revive dead units, even enemy units that, once revived will atack for the Light Empire.

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