The Serpent Empire.

There are 9 units of The Serpent Empire.

When unit abillities have Asterisks before and after them that means you have to research them (buy them)

Plus there is time for abillities to recharge but it's not shown on this page.

and there is: Passive Gold Income 1,2, and 3, Tower Spawn, Tower Spawn II, and Miner Hustle.

All units have a poison cure like Chaos.

Enslaved Miner (1)Edit

Info: Hard working miner.

Abillities: *Miner Tower* (creates a tower that slows units down when near it)

Price: Gold: 150

Population: 2

Training Time 8s

Snake (2)Edit

Info: Fast poisonus unit.

Abillities: *Snake Venom* (adds poison to whoever it bites) - *Snake Speed* (improves speed)

Price: Gold 125

Population: 1

Training Time: 12s

Plasma Archer (3)Edit

Info: Throws orbs of plasma.

Abillities: *Poison Toss* (poisons whoever got hit by the plasma, lasts for 15 seconds)

Price: Gold 300, Mana 25

Population: 2

Training Time: 15s

Snakecaster (4)Edit

Info: Supportive unit that can poison opponents.

Abillities: Heal (heals units nearby, can be toggled off and on, simmilar to Meric) *Poison* (click on opponent to poison)

Price: Gold 350, Mana 225

Population: 3

Training Time: 17s

Serpentine (5)Edit

Info: Leader of the Serpent Empire.

Abillities: Poison Portal (units nearby portal will get poisoned) *Health Drain* (steals nearby units health and gives it to him, lasts for 10 seconds) *Venom Laser* (shoots a red laser out of his eyes, damages and poisons the unit)

Price: Gold 675, Mana 425

Population: 6

Training Time: 33s

Enslaved Swordwrath (6)Edit

Info: Enslaved melee unit.

Abillities: *Plasma Orb* (puts the power into the sword, doubling damage for 8 seconds)

Price: Gold 125, Mana 25

Population: 1

Training Time: 12s

Enslaved Spearton (7)Edit

Info: Poisonus spearton.

Abillities: *Poison Spear* (poisons whoever it attacks)

Price: Gold 450, Mana 100

Population: 4

Training Time: 24s

Snakerider (8)Edit

Info: Flying plasma tosser.

Abillities: *Poisonus Plasma* (poisons whoever gets hit by the plasma)

Price: Gold 450, Mana 150

Population: 4

Training Time: 27s

Enslaved Giant (9)Edit

Info: Giant unit that uses his snake as a whip.

Abillities *Giant Growth I* (increases size and health) *Giant Growth II* (increases size and health again, Requires "Giant Growth I")

Price Gold 1500

Population: 7

Training Time: 40s


Enslaved Spearton Nerf: Now cost 4 Population space. (1)

Added Training Times (2)

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