"We are the Swordwrath! Forging blades so sharp, that limbs will sever at mere sight!"

-Magikill Lord




A swordwrath is a basic black stick figure with no clothes or adornments. They carry a broadsword for combat.

Tips Edit

  • Swordwrath units are cheap and fast early game units. This makes them ideal for picking off Miners, though if there is any sort of resistance, do not expect the unit to survive
  • Buy the Rage upgrade as soon as you can. It will drastically tip the scales in a fight. The small amount of health loss is absolutely worth it for the improved damage output.

Swordwrath ironworks

New order statue

Order's latest statue



Description Stat Description
Species Stick figure Faction


Homeland Land Role Melee
Health 2 bars Speed Statue to Second Row of Gold in 6 seconds.
Attack Power ~1/5-1/7 of One bar Attack Rate 1 hit per second
Gold Cost 125 (150 in Campaign) Mana Cost 0
Training Time 12 seconds Population 1
Skill Rage:1/7 damage Speed Very fast
Training Location Barracks Weapons


History Edit

For many years, the nation known as the Swordwrath was a constant rival and threat to the order empire, due to it's proximity, along with the Archidons. When the Order Empire decided to strike back, they chose to invade the Archidons first, due to the tactical importance of their weapons.

After the Swordwrath were pushed out of their homeland and into the hills, what remained of their military force that still felt some anger against Order ambushed their Camp at sunset.

Order's tactics of combining Speartons and Archidons together proved to be a deadly match for the horde of Swordwrath, and those who were not killed in the raid, soon retreated. Those who survived the slaughter migrated north to form a new nation, training in stealth and assassination tactics rather than sheer numbers. This new nation was called the Shadowrath.

The remaining Swordwraths that remained decided to form an uneasy alliance with their neighboring allies, the Archidons, and prepared themselves for battle against the Order army once again. Though they had the sheer force and numbers, along with the ranged tactics of their fellow Archidons, they could not stop the Order Empire from crushing their Defense at Pertland.

As the Archidonis and Speartons gathered in Westwind for their own last resort,the remaining Swordwrath generals decided to ally with the Magikill, Archidons, and Speartons for a last stand in the Icy Hills.

Their combined forces gathered in the camps for what could be their last battle, but due to Order's will and determination, they were driven back into the desert. All but one of remaining Swordwrath generals were slaughtered in the battle.

In the Final Conquering, the formidable combined forces of the Swordwrath, Speartons, Archidons, Magikill, and Giants rose up to crush Order in a final, desperate offense. However, despite their numbers, Order broke their lines, and proceeded to topple the statue. One remaining rebel Magikill cast a final, desperate spell that brought the statue to life.

The Statue tore through the lines, friend and foe alike, and only then did the rebels realize that any hope of survival would depend on surrendering to Order, and killing the Giant.

The remaining troops rallied, and fought against the giant, killing it. Soon after, the what was left of the Swordwrath nation surrendered and Order soon acclaimed their land and technologies. The first years of peace were not easy as Order continued to push the idea that these nations were not enslaved but instead watched over. 

When the rest of the nations rebelled, the remaining Swordwrath general, who has been since made king, decided to remain within the Order empire, as most of the populace have already been assimilated into the kingdom. The Swordwrath nation then swears into the nation, and now calls themselves not the Swordwrath, but the Order Empire


Main article: Rage
  • The Rage ability, the Swordwrath's sole ability, and by far the most vital one, increases the Swordwrath's attack speed by 50% for approximately 6 seconds..

comparision with other units Edit

  1. Crawler-In a fight with another unit,the crawler has a deadly advantage of speed.In a fight between a swordwrath and a crawler,the swordwrath will always win because of health and damage advantage.Under pressure of a group of crawlers,the swordwrath has a 1/4 chance of winning.
  2. Bomber-The swordwrath can stand an attack of 3 bombers,max.It takes 5 bombers to kill a swordwrath.
  3. Juggerknight-The swordwrath don't stand a chance against a juggerknight. They can take down 5 swordwraths alone.A 6 swordwraths can take down a juggerknight with sever injuries and deaths.
  4. Deads-The dead's poison is it most deadly asset.A dead can slowly poision many a swordwrath and retreat.In a direct fight,2 swordwraths can take down a dead.


Trivia Edit

  • The Swordwrath on the title screen of the game and in the unit profile picture is shown holding a curved sword, a sabre, yet in-game, they are always holding a broadsword.
  • The opening suggests that they are Order's most populous nation.
  • Although artwork in Stick Empires shows a Swordwrath wearing a helmet, one can actually attain helmets for Swordwrath within the armory.
  • The reason the swordwraths lack helmets stem from animation issues; a swordwrath sometimes stand looking to the sides and sometimes stand staring directly at the player, forcing the developers to create a new set of animations and coding to compensate. In addition, many of the Swordwrath's death animations feature them recieving blows to the head (e.g. A Juggerknight chucking his axes at a swordwrath's head and the headshot animation) and require another set of animations to depict a helmet cracking. 
  • In some ways, Swordwrath units can be compared to StarCraft Marines. Both are cheap early game units. Both are strong in numbers. Both have an ability that drains health but allows for a faster attack rate. 

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