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The Chaos Empire was the most ferocius rival for the Order Empire. Even with the rebel forces and the order forces it was a lot of hard to take down the Chaos Empire. But the Order Empire wins the battle against Medusa's Empire.

The History.

In the Massive Battle level on the campaign, a giant attack the order Empire. The Order Empire Defeat but not kill it and decided to enslave it and use it in battles. Then, 2 speartons, 2 swordwraths and the Giant were in front off the Chaos Empire Statue, and then, Medusa, the leader of the Chaos Empire appears.Medusa Sayed that the think that Inamorta belongs to the Chaos Empire because they been in Inamorta a long time, and when they were fighting for lands that not belongs to they, the Chaos Empire were making more and more strong, waiting for defeat anyone who wanna control Inamorta. And now, the order empire captured one of her *babies* she will wait no more and they will fel the wrath of the Chaos Empire. Then, some rebel forces appears, and then, the leader, (i think) sayed what that monster was right. They were fighting making themselves weak. And then, they allied with the Order Empire to fight the Chaos Empire, and reclam this lands.

The bombers attacks!!!!

Medusa Started to send some of her minions, that are units that go like kamikaze to the enemy and exploit, and with some Giants. The Order Empire wins the battle, but Medusa, will not surrender yet.

Strategy: Waste their bombers with one swordwraht, spam archidons, and dont use shield wall between the giants, just run around them when they attack, and get into their back and keep doing this with the support of the archidons, it will be easy to take down the Giants.

The Night Is Dark: Juggerknights attack.

The Juggerknights, were sometime a proud race like speartons. But they just become conquered by Medusa. They were his most ferocius, heavy infantry unit. They are like speartons. But they are more offensive, charging at their enemies with brutal force. But anyways, again, the Order Empire Wins the battle.

Strategy: Make 2 Swordwhrats at the starth, and then make 1 miner,

Undead War: Deadly deads attack.

Okey... here,for me, it tooked a lot to past this level, so i have to wath a vid, and let's go to the part were on. Medusa attacked the Order Empire rising the dead, an unit that is able to throw their own poisonus body parts, and have a good level of healt. The battle was a lot harder, but the Order Empire, just win again combining archers with Speartons and merics.

Strategy: Start making three miners, 1 praying and the other 2 mining. Try to make a good army of Archidons, and make 2 swordwhrat and keep rushing at them to control the power of their army. In the procces, make 1 spearton and keep making them and rushing them, four speartons and a lot of archidons, and 1 meric is necesary to win this level.

The 4 Legend Fury: Crawlers attack.

Medusa was starting to worry. The Order Empire was advancing so he need a new trick: The Crawlers.A fast assasin that become more powerfull in a pack. Then, Medusa send the crawlers to attack the Order Empire with the other soldiers that she has sent. This wasnt a very hard battle to the order empire. The brute force of the Order Empire Killed al the crawlers, rushing the army of the Chaos Empire.

Strategy: With the 500 gold, make as much swordwraths as you can, and go and attack their miners. Then, make some miners and spam the archidons, but keep in mind to make some speartons!

Shadow in the air: Eclipsors attack. (I dont remember well the name of the level)

When Medusa Lost the battle with this crawlers, it was starting to get more worry, and even scared. The order Empire was even more close to arrive the castle!! He send his flyng air unit. The Eclipsor. Is an archer that enchanced by the Shadows. And can Fly. The Order Empire anyways, crush the Eclipsors, being fast and dont give the Chaos Empire time to build an army. With the Eclipsor defeated, the Order Empire get their own flyng unit.

Strategy: at the start, make an archer and 1 miner, and Charge!!! Your Swordwrath will die, but dont retreat! The crawler will be dead too! So kill the eclipsor with your archers, and if you can, try to rush their base and kill some of their miners, but dont do that if they already have the Dead Castle archer (yea i know it's sound kind of rare) and keep making archers, and at some point make 1 spearton and CHARGE! Dont forget to have speartons for backup, and one meric atleast to cure the dead castle archer poison, keep rushing them, and their statue will go down.

Sumon War: Marrowkai attack.

With the Eclipsors defeated, Medusa was starting to furious. The order Empire was crushing all of their forces, getting more and more close tho his castle. She has an idea, the Marrowkai. They were Magikills captured by Medusa, and becamed mad, using necromancy magic, they were the perfect option to have support the front line troops. The battle was hard, and bloody, but the Order Empire, like every time, wins.

(In the last 3 levels i will not post tactics because i'm passing them, and this is one of them)

The Order Empire is arriving the castle of Medusa. (I dont remember the name, i played the whole game but i don´t remember some things)

With the Marrowkai defeated, the Order Empire was close to arrive the Castle of where Medusa is, sooo... he has to defeat the Order Empire now. He Send some Troops to stop the Order Empire, but again, the Order Empire crushed their defense AND... arrived the castle...

The Final battle.

When the Order Empire Arrived the castle, before destroying the Statue, Medusa appears and transform on rock every soldier of Order Empire. Even Giants. But the last stand of Order appears. Defeating Medusa, they gain Inamorta and controlled it. And the Order Empire ofress to the people a good life. And they gobernated Inamorta for i dont know XD.

Some Curiosity: At the final, an Spearton is with Medusa's head.

In the jairs, there is the Elemental Empire.


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