This page contains all the rumours that are going on in Sitickpage Fourms.

Meric-Medusa RumourEdit

Last year CJ announced a story writing competetion. Some dude wrote a story about how the Magikill attached snakes to a Meric. The Meric became angry and attacked Order.

Reason for Being FalseEdit

Medusa exsited long before the Merics did.

Idiocity Ratio : 6/10

Juggerknight-Spearton Health Rumour Edit

A noob who just finished Stick War 2 (in normal difficulty) started telling people a Juggerknight is weaker than a Spearton in a duel. After he was Vanquished he came to the wiki and had a huge fight with TheRealJuiceBox . the idiot ended up getting himself banned.

Reason for Being FalseEdit

The Juggerknight is more powerful due to size, strength, and passive regenration.

Idiocity Ratio : 2/10

Miner-Enslave Miner

A guy said that the slave miner from chaos was from order. That is true but then someone pionted out that if the slave miner came from order then where does the order miner came from the dummy said chaos but was ban from stick empire.

Reason for Being False

If the order miner come from chaos it have to said enslave miner too.

Idiocity Ratio : 2/ 10

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