He surrendered

He surrendered

Stick Empires is a game developed by members of Stickpage and the original creators of Stick Wars. The goal of the game is to conquer another player by destroying their statue with your army of units. Although free play is available, gold membership can be purchased to allow the player to access the Chaos Empire and the Elemental Empire and a monthly addition of empire coins so the player can unlock new gear from the armory.


Set many years after The Conquering, the warring nations of Inamorta have been united into the glorious Empire of Order , and all was well. Or so it seemed. The conquered, united nations felt no allegiance to Order, for the cruel dictatorship they suffered was little better than the previous way of life. That is, until Chaos attacked. Faced with an enemy they had never seen before, Order Empire dissolved into a massive mess, and the conquered people took action. United by the destruction and terror caused by Chaos in ways no individual leader or king had ever done, they tossed aside their old differences and took control of Order, becoming a truly unstoppable force, ready to fight for self, nation, and honor and strip Chaos from the vvery bones of the land. Thus, the story unfolds...


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In the lobby, players will choose to join a match against other players. Once a match has been found,the two chosen will be given a choice whether to use Order, Chaos, or Elemental. Upon both having done so, the game will initiate with both players being given two miners, 500 gold, and 9 choices of units to build. Left-clicking a unit will select them, and allow them to be controlled by the player. Double clicking will select all units of a certain type. Right-clicking on an empty space will cause the unit to move, make miners gather mana through praying and mine gold, cause a unit to attack, and make magicians cast certain spells. The game is over when one player destroys the others statue, the other surrenders, or one lags out.

Single PlayerEdit

This mode is the Tutorial mode and Campaign.

Tutorial ModeEdit

The player is given instructions on how to play the game and then must defeat an opposing army of Swordwrath and Speartons.

Campaign ModeEdit

Released. Campaign is Stick War 2.


Replays just released during New Year 2013!

Order Empires Forces.Edit








Enslaved Giant

Chaos Empires Forces.Edit

Enslaved Miner