Special Skills, also referred to as Buffs are essential in Stick War Heroes: War of Inamorta. These can be used by Magikill, Merics and Heroes such as Archmage and Skyler, who are of the magic class.

There are different types of buffs:

Attack Buff Edit

Attack Buff

An Image of the Attack Buff

The Charge Skill, otherwise known as the Attack Buff, is a buff that emphasizes in increasing the attack power of a selected unit. The unit's weapons will become outlined in red, similar to how the Rage ability outlines a Swordwrath in red.

Units like the Greatwrath and Juggerknights are automatically equipped with this ability and are able to use it when activated by the player. Other units that are in a 3 inch range of the unit that activates it have a 45% chance to benefit from the effects.

  • Duration: 15 seconds
  • Cool Down: 25 seconds
  • Positives: Powers up Attack power by 10%
  • Negatives: Speed and Health are decreased 5% each whenever it's used (Unlike Speed, Health won't recover)


Defense Buff Edit

Defense Buff

An Image of the Defense Buff

The Shield Skill, otherwise known as the Defense Buff, is a buff that emphasizes in defensive skills. Just like the Attack Buff outlines a weapon in red, the Defense Buff however, outlines the body in green. But, Units like Juggerknights and Speartons that are equipped with shields will have their shields outlined in green as well.

This skill is automatically available for Lyral, Taurus, the Speartons, Juggerknights, Axewrath and Siegewrath. However, units close to the one that uses this skill will not be affected by it.

  • Duration: 30 seconds
  • Cool Down: 50 seconds
  • Positives:
    • Defense +10%
    • Gives the capability of some hits dealing no damage (Speartons and Juggerknights only)
  • Negatives: Attacks from behind deal x2 damage


Speed Buff Edit


An Image of the Speed Buff