"We are the Siegewrath! The Gods of War grant us strength, that our Halberd will shine a light through the darkness!"

The Siegewrath are masters of the large and deadly Halberd Blades. Led by their leader, Siege.


Leader of the Siegewrath, Siege(red) facing the leader of the Axewrath XuHuang(blue)

Stats Edit

Name Siegewrath
Health 4 bars 5(Only if Engage!

is active)

Attack Power Moderate(High is Electric Rods

is active)

Abilites Engage!. Electric Rods, Spinning

Halberds I, Spinning Halberds II

Gold 800 (550 on Stick Empires)
Mana 300 (100 on Stick Empires)

Abilities Edit

Engage! Edit

Engage! is an ability that sends a Siegewrath to attack every enemy without obeying commands. The Siegewrath will also receive an extra Health Bar to aid him. The ability will last for 20 seconds and he will heal himself every 2 seconds. When it wears off, the Siegewrath will instantly retreat to the castle if its health is below 2 1/2 bars.

Electric Rods Edit

The Siegewrath's Halberd will be struck by electricity to give the Halberd an extra punch

Spinning Halberds Edit

The Halberds can be upgraded to do a devastating spin attack. At first level, 3 Swordwrath could be wiped out with just one hit. At second level, 2 Spearton can be struck down with one hit, and a Giant can lose half its health.

Homeland Edit

The Siegewrath are warriors hailing from Pertland and worship Kybalar, the God of War. Their land is shared by the forces of the Axewrath, who only worship themselves, which brings a way that they cannot share their land with each other and constantly went to war with each other.

Relations With Other Nations Edit

Axewrath Edit

see Homeland

Swordwrath Edit

The Swordwrath are viewed as weaklings due to their abilities to kill them with just one swing of a Halberd.

Eclipsors and Albowtross Edit

The Siegewrath see Eclipsors and Albowtross as only weakling that hide in the sky because they have no skill in hand to hand combat, so they must flee from ground.

Medusa Edit

Medusa scares many of the Axewrath, but the Siegewrath stare Medusa in the eyes of her snakes to battle her. They say that she cannot defeat them, no matter how much she tries to turn them all to stone, they continue to engage her.

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