An ability researched at the Barracks for the Speartons, this causes all Speartons to push back the enemy with their shields.


Shield wall costs 5 Mana per unit to use and knocks back the enemy, causing stun and a bit of damage.This ability can only be used when the Shield wall ability is activated.


This ability is useful when the enemy tries to simply walk past your shield wall to get to your support units. However, this can be avoided by using Shinobi to sneak past, Reaper to draw the desired unit from behind the wall, or Petrify to directly kill the desired unit (though this is rather expensive).


  • In the original game, shield bash was one of the three standard attacks a Spearton used (the others being a direct stab and a spear toss) and had no special effects.
  • Shield bash requires shield wall to use even though it's possible to directly bash someone with a shield without going into defense mode.
  • The Juggerknight's Charge ability is basically an offensive form of shield bash without the defensive benefit of shield wall.