SWORDWRATH: basic soldiers of order. The Juggerknights enjoy killing them. They only wield a sword. Groups of Swordwrath are good at bringing down giants.

SPEARTON: One of the toughest races of all. They are based off of the greek race of extremely popular warriors called the Spartans. If you really love the Speartons then you should watch a famous movie called 300!

SHADOWRATH: Are very effective, mostly against Magikill. Live in huge chapels as homes. Love nature . Are actually quite peaceful.

MAGIKILL: Are not actually as tough as you think. They are the leader of order. They fear the Shadowrath the most out of each race.

MERIC: medics of order hence the name MERIC / MEDIC. Only units to have white faces.

ARCHIDONS: Archers of order. Pretty fast, too. No armor at all.

ALBOWTROSS: Archers of the sky and enemies of the Eclipsors! The Albowtross are named after a extinct bird called an albatross. The Albowtross are great at protecting order units for chaos units! They are awesome.

ENSLAVED GIANT: Amazingly powerful units that throw boulders at their enemies and have baskets worn on their backs like back-packs to hold their boulders and also have shackles on their wrists and ankles! They can easily kill juggerknights, eclipsors, swordwrath, spearton, shadowrath magikill, merics, miners, archidons, crawlers, and other units!

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