"I only have 4 swordwrath, but i will still attack you"

-a rusher thoughts

Description of rushersEdit

Rushers are those who like to charge your base early in the game with (mostly) weak units to harrass you (aka Zerging).

Rushers are, quite possibly, the most annoying type of player. Many players i know complain about their enemies attacking them early in the game with relatively weak units. However annoying they are, rushers can be amusing to watch, because of preemptive attack.

Comparisons to other kinds of playersEdit

A rusher-Masser is rare, as the former uses small amounts of various units, and the latter uses a lot of 1 type of unit. Some rushers can also be quitters. When their first few rushes dont succeed, they surrender, giving uo hope of victory because of their apparent lack of longterm strategy

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