"You and i have always been destined to meet each other my Queen. And I know that we will be together!" Roy speaking to Archmage after the defeat of Medusa

Introduction Stick War 2 Edit

Roy is the captain of the Swordwrath Guard for the Order Empire. He was set in charge of the army during the invasion of the Magikill territory, where he disguised and lead the Shadowrath against the Magikill. The Shadowrath defeated and him in capture, the Meric, Archmage, had left him alive, seeing as there was something special she felt between them.

Roy later learned that Archmage was banished from the Magikill, and set out to ask her to join with her. Archmage quickly realized that he was the Shadowrath that she didn't kill in battle. She quickly accepted the invitation and moved off with them to attack Westwind.

On the battle of meeting Medusa, Roy was pertrified by Medusa. However, Roy had realized that if he remained perished, that he would likely lose Archmage to the Chaos Empire, his love for her unleashed him and later then using it to release his Swordwrath army, and ran straight to attack Medusa.

By the time they arrived, he saw that Medusa was defeated and Aria carrying Archmage, who had one arm completely turned to stone. Roy was greatly happy to see that she made it out alive. He ran up, and hugged her. She saw completely how concerned he was for he and promised that she would keep herself out of life threatening situations (though both Roy and Archmage knew they she wouldn't keep that promise).