My strategy is an offensive economic strategy but is mostly successful.


first, get  2 miners  and a swordwrath put one existing miner on mana and one on gold and all other miners on gold. Send the swordwrath to central tower. by the time 50 mana should be collected and rage should be being researched.

Now there can be different scenarios.


make sure your swordwrath takes the first hit. If not, garrison the swordwrath and make more swordwrath.

2 swordwrath.

now retreat get more swordwrath and attack.

3 swordwrath.

Same as above

4 swordwrath

Same as above.

sword + archer

retreat and make more swordwrath and attack(make sure to kil the archer.)


this is tricky unless rage is researched quickly so your swordwraths can catch up


by the time the spearton reaches the central pillar you may have 3 swordwraths at the pillar.

Now make sure you have central tower don't lose it and now make your economy and army.if the enemy doesn't have a castle archer mass swords and attack. if he has castle archer research shield wall and get a spearton.

get tower spawn (optional) and get archidons dont let the enemy ahve a good economy and miner walls put your spearton in the front with moderate distance and perss the attack button. Now you will put the spearton near the place between the gold mines                                -             o          -   Put the spearton some where near the o  

                                                                        _                      _-------->gold mine

                statue< --------------U                           _                      _

                                                                      -                      -

                                                                        My plan

make sure to use shield wall, use rage ability of swordwrath and fire arrow if researched.

tell your reviews in the comments.

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