When I came here, I thought this wiki would be top of the line with facts that could help, but what I got was a bunch of ****. I click on the Juggerknights and what I'm reading is just a dumb fantasy about Dark Knights.

Why It's Annoying...Edit

First of all, this is a video game, not a movie. You don't have to post all of your imaginary ideas on here, becaus we don't need them. They're irrelevant. Keep that story to yourself. I mean, the wiki is sad and pathetic. Whoever the admins are, ya'll are doing a terrible job of what you're allowing. I mean look, at the back story of the Shadowrath. Whoever wrote that, you made me laugh so hard at the stupidity of it. These dumb back stories are so foolish, they look like a Kindergartener wrote them. Crazy J would never approve of this wiki's ******* ****. Do you hear me simsim40? I hope you do, because you are a terrible writer.

What this Wiki Need To Be Like...Edit

I have a dream...that dumb a***s would not post their lame stories on here. This wiki should be about the game Stick Empires not the movie Stick Empires. Then when people come here they would actually find helpful info And this would be the best wiki eva.

(applause, clap, applause(because it was a good speech.))

  • by AwesomeArchidon
  • Oh my god yes i agree with u! Someone fix this wiki up - Axir4

Additional Notes from Axir4

I believe this wiki should have a candidate for deletion template. Then we will be able to get an admin to delete a page that is unnecessary. For example, the page New Unit is completely worthless. Do that in a forum or something but not here. Also, admins: You guys need to stop being lazy and clean this wiki up. You're an admin for a reason. Bueracrats: Plz give other people admin titles so we can help clean this wiki of fan base material. I would and many others would appreciate if u bestowed the title admin upon us. (I'm trying to sound formal.) 

I have found out how to mark pages for deletion. Just type in {{delete} } without putting in the space between the } }. I did that on purpose so I wouldn't mark this for deletion.

I recently went to the Swordwrath page only to find it empty. I managed to restore it but if you guys see a page like that, try to fix it or message me about it. -Axir4

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