Population Cost is the amount of population your unit will cost, and the total amount of population your army can hold

Max-80 Population

Population Cost for Order Units Edit

Miner cost 2 population

Swordwrath cost 1 population

Spearton cost 3 population

Shadowrath cost 4 population

Archidon cost 2 population

Albowtross (Flying Crossbowmen) cost 4 population

Meric cost 3 population

Magikill cost 5 population

Enslaved Giant cost 7 population

Population Cost for Chaos Units Edit

Miner cost 2 population

Crawler cost 1 population

Bomber cost 1 population

Juggerknight cost 3 population

Dead cost 3 population

Eclipsor cost 3 population

Marrowkai cost 4 population

Medusa cost 5 population

Chaos Giant cost 7 population