Stick War Stage 7 , Free Pertland Walkthrough07:55

Stick War Stage 7 , Free Pertland Walkthrough

Stick War Stage 7 , Free pertland Walktrough (Rate,Subscribe,Comment)

Order Vs. Pertland

Order Trying to Retake Pertland

Pertland is a small neutral nation. Pertland is home for People of Inamorta But After Order uprising Archidonis And Swordwrath land was taked by Order The survivors of 2 Nation Homed in Pertland Neutral Land And Killed Inocents People.


Pertland are grasslands with blood red sky. They are home to Swordwrath-Archidon allaince aka. The Denouncement. 


  • This is a neutral nation.
  • Ocupied By archidonis And Swordwrath

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