Though there are many third empires, Inamorta had many different people in the past, if you put them together, you could actually make a decent empire.

Troops and AbilitiesEdit

Miner: Standard miner, can dig holes to hide from enemies.

Club Troopers: These are like swordwrath, but instead they wield clubs, and are much faster. They have one ability: Sprint. This allows the Club Trooper to move EXTREMELY fast for 2 seconds. Club troopers are ideal for scouting.

Great Knights: Great Knights are heavily armed troops, and have good durability. They were former Juggerknights before they fell under the infuence of Chaos. They wield halberds, while there special ability is Powerstrike, allowing the Great Knight to delivier one devestating blow to up to 4 enemies.

Speartons: Before Order formed, there were actually rogue speartons. These rogues were the troops who eventually formed order. These troops are not as different as Order speartons, but they cannot form shield walls, instead they can throw their spears to do massive damage to one single unit (three bars). They will then pull out a sword, but will deal less damage.

Minions: Rogue minions created by Magikill. Go a little faster than Club Troopers and are smaller, but wield pitchforks. Similar to Chaos Bombers.

Wingidons: Flying Archers. Has one ability: Fly. The wingidon flys above the enemies and cannot be targeted for 4 seconds. Useful for getting enemy archers from chasing you.

Medic: Club Troopers obviously had to have SOMEONE to heal them right? Medics can poisen a single enemy and have one ability: Heal. It selects a single ally and heals 3 bars, removing poison in the process.

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