Passive Income is a highly useful ability that is researched at the bank. It costs 150 gold and 100 mana for each level.


Passive Income grants a few gold and mana every few seconds. There are 3 levels, all of which cost the same amount of gold and mana.

Level Amount of Gold and Mana
1 5 gold, 3 mana
2 10 gold, 10 mana
3 20 gold, 15 mana


  • Passive Income appeared as an upgrade to the statue in the original Stick Wars. However it did not provide mana because mana did not exist at that time.
  • The way passive income worked in the first game allowed the enemy to create a "last resort" attack upon the player's statue once their statue recieved critical amounts of damage.
  • Passive Income is more important in Stick Wars 2 and Stick Empires because Gold no longer respawns the way it did in the first game.