This page will show you all the strategy for a Order player.


Note:Remember to also make more miners, you would need them for end-game. This strategy will drain your resources fairly fast due to the need of units all the time during end game. Passive income is very useful.

Quickly get about five miners, your fifth miner should go pray for some mana. Start producing swordwrath and go to the middle of the map to scout around. If you see A SINGLE unit, you can go attack it or keep your distance away.

Next get at least two more swordwrath and get the rage skills, if you have extra resource, get the spearton skills. Make sure your army has at least three swordwrath and a meric. Speartons and archidons not needed for now but it will boost your army a lot.

Go on the offensive and charge, but if you got attacked first, make sure your meric heals the units. Inflict some damage and attack the miners if possible. DO NOT let your whole army perish, retreat as soon as your units get weak.

You need to focus on meric, speartons and swordwrath units right now(Archidons does not have to be produced), and keep attacking the other side.

Now, it should be end-game and you shoud have plenty of resource. Get a shadowrath and make sure you have cloaking(The more the better), next, go over to the enemy side and cloak as soon as you see a enemy unit, probe around and then attack the miners, ignore the enemy soldiers.

You will most likely not be able to pull your shadowrath(s) in time but at least one miner should be dead. Which will hurt the enemy's outcome.

After that just keep making more units. But you really want to buy the giant upgrade and also save up for a giant.

By the time you got the upgrade and a giant, your army should be:Four swordwrath, two archidons, two speartons, three meric, and a giant(Wizard would be nice)

Then keep attacking your enemy while making more units.

Expected Result:Enemies should be overwhelmed, all enemy units should be crushed and some miners should be dead.

Defensive then Offensive

Note: This strategy requires you to keeep your army IN your side of the map and avoid all contact if possible.

Like above, your fifth miner should be praying, but this time you want to make a sixth one. Then you produce a swordwrath and let it guard your base.

As you get more and more miners and resources, you should be reseraching upgrades and making more units. You should have:Three swordrath, one spearton, and one meric. It's a good combo that's fairly cheap. 

Make few more swordwrath/archidon combo or speartons. But focus on the giant and it's upgrade right after.

Expected Result:Your enemy's army should be destroyed(Or nearly), and some of their miners should at least be dead or hurt in a single charge.

Rush 2

Instead of making more miners, you make offensive units. Wait till the two miners had brought in their gold. You should have 450 now. You can:

A) Make a archidon and a swordwrath

B) Make three swordwarth

C) Make a spearton

I have not tested this strategy yet but I would pick B or C. Rush your enemy base right away and kill as much as miners as possible.

Like I said, I have not tested this strategy so can somebody else continute this strategy?

Here is another example of a good strategy on how to stop players who begin the game with archidon and swordwrath: »Here«

choose the ckristopher side.