Order Empire Religions Edit

Includes: Elven, Dwarven and Human... Edit

Elven Units: Magikill, Meric, Elven Archer.

Dwarven Units: Albowtross, Hunter, Miner, Enslaved Giant.

Human Units: Spearton, Swordwrath, Shadowrath, Archer, Gunner, Grenadier.

Chaos Empire Religions Edit

Includes: Chaotic, Wasteland Creeps and Mythicals Edit

Satanic Units: Crawlers, Juggerknight, Chaotic Miner ( Can have rage ability to work faster. ).

Wasteland Creeps: Chaotic Giant ( Has the ability to grab rocks from the ground and use it as a boulder like the enslaved giant. ) Suicide Bombers, Eclipsor, Dead, Meteorite Minnion.

Mythicals: Medusa, Marrowkai, Headless Horseman, Phantom.

Please give me Ideas on what are the new stuff for Elemental Empire is going to be, Thanks! Edit

Talking about the new Ideas from the Empires... Edit

Elven Archer: These Archers are different from the Archidons... they use poisoned arrows to make an advantage in attacking the other Empires... Has an upgrade called "Multi Shot" where these archers shoots 3 arrows at a time...

Hunter: Hunters are your rifle men which has more accuracy than archers but reload slower... Has an upgrade called "Explosive Shells" which, ya know... explodes upon impact...

Gunner: A Gunner is like a Hunter with lesser stats and has the same upgrades with the Hunter...

Grenadier: I know what you are thinking about: You: Grenades wheren't invented in this game's time line... but yeah... give me a reason how dynamite was invented? and yeah... these guys throw dynamite at your foes... Has an upgrade called "Flammable Explosives" which all explosive types of any unit that has an explosive ability or profession.. will cause fire and exlpode upon impact at the same time...

Meteorite Minnion: This unit is created with Marrowkai's new Ability... "Meteor Summon" which summons this unit... has an upgrade named "Erupt Mode" Icon to make this guy throw lava at your foes and can be toggled back with the "Melee Mode" Icon to stop throwing lava at yo...ur foes

Headless Horseman: Pretty obvious... Has the ability called "Resurrection" to create graves and Deads will come out of it...

Phantom: This unit can possess its foes and have full control of it unless if it is not an Undead type of unit...


Hey guys! make sure you give your ideas out to me from the comments section, Welcome! Edit

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