ARIVILIAR'S Units (The Islamic Empire) Edit

The Islamic Empire is a brand new OP empire, that obviously does not exist.


The Karjinate unit has a poop sword. He is the equivelent to Swordwraths, Crawlers and albowtros and majikill.

Health: 3 bars (as much as V) with "Infidel Slasher": half barr Bars (as much as a Dead)

Costs: 12500000000 gold and 5000000000000 mana

Training Time: as much as 34 giants

Training Place: the asdf movie

Timing: attacks every 2:30 seconds, and 1 seconds in "Infidel Slasher"

Stength: quite strong, nearly like a Spearton. with "Infidel Slasher": like a Shadowrath

Abillities: Infidel Slasher: (350 mana and 50 gold) will make the Karjinate stronger and faster

Bonus Attacks: when kills swordwrath, executes him, when kills a giants and archidons, cuts of his legs.


A stickman with AK-47.

Health: 4 bars (just as much as Deads)

Costs: 350 gold and 50 mana

Training Time: as much as a Spearton

Training Place: the mosque

Timing: 20 hits in 5 seconds.

Strength: like 2 miners, but hits automaticaly

Abillities: Grenade (Bonus abillity like Fominate) and Knife (Already achived, switches the weapon)

Bonus: After 30 minutes he reloads for 2 seconds

Stick empireMe2please's unitsEdit


When the swordwrath evolved into shadowrath, many of them were thinking that the way of the bow was a good idea (it did defeat them, after all). So then they realized that they needed a ranged weapon to destroy them. They manufactured shurikens, and combined them with their new art of stealth, thus making them ranged shadowrath.

Cost: 450 gold, 150 mana, 25 secs . 

Attack Rate: same as archidon

Speed: same as shadowrath

Health: same as shadowrath

Damage: same as archidon.

Abilities: 250 gold, 50 mana, 600 ticks to research. Sends a barrage of 10 shuriken, 600 ticks for cooldown.

Jumper (based on my unit in my Cidanian Empire)

A jumping unit that will very quckly jump as far as a Dead projectile, extremely fast stab its enemy with claws, then jump back extremely fast.

Cost: 400 gold, 16 secs, 3 pop

Attack Rate: slow

Speed: um, hard to describe

Health: Same as Swordwrath

Damage: Same as crawler

Abilities: Super Jump: 300 gold, 450 ticks for cooldown, will jump twice as far and deal twice as much damage, 40 secs for cooldown.


Binary10101ERROR's unitsEdit

Fire elemental giant 

this unit atack and destroy castile and  create mini-fires anti archers.

this unit of formed for 400 fire units 20 water units 60 air units and 13 earth units

atack and anti speartons  and destroy ensalved giants anork kill the albowtross

900000 Gold  20078999

units who need to be killed five times simply to die. Each time they die, their binding loosen, and their attac k and speed increase until their final life. For their first attack, they will just ram into a unit, causing no damage but stun. Their second attack causes them to claw


and bite at the unit, still doing little damage but has increased kn ockback. This pattern continues until the fifth life, where they rush towards an enemy and latch onto them, causin g complete paralysis while they slowly rip that unit to shreds and increasing the Demented's own health at the same time. These units are extremely vulerable to ranged attacks, ineffective against armored units, and cannot shift positions while attacking. For the most part, they spawn anywhere on the battlefield and are neutral unless attacked. However, once one army has camped beside the cental pillar too long, they will utter a long, eerie cry and all rush towards the offending army to attack.

Russian SleepersEdit

Sleep-walkers incapable of feeling pain or recieving any status effects. Russian Sleepers wander the battlefield, spreading sleeping-sickness to any enemy unit they cross. Once sleeping-sickness has inflicted a unit, that unit will be unable to move for a few seconds, and all movement is permanately slowed (unless recouped in a castle). Sleeping sickness affects multiple units simultaneously, but Russian Sleeps have no other attacks and this ability has a long cooldown. Mainly, they wander near the central pillar, but can end up on either side of the field just as well.

(Yes, I know. Not the best ideas for a new unit)




has a mix of both spearton and swordwrath equipment

Knight - Even though the nation of the great 




knights fell to the chaos empire, a few swordwrath took up the way of the shield from their spearton commanders. Knights are in other words more advanced swordwarth, taking more hits to kill and equiped with a shield of their own, stronger then their swordwrath kin, but weaker then the spearton. These swordwrath are equiped with shortswords, however their incresed health makes up for some of their reduced damage.

Hp increase - The Great Knights having trained in both the arts of the 

swordwrath and speatons, can increase their health for a limited time

Jawnos- A wolf tamed by the Order and has the ability to become a companion to the Swordwrath. Also it has an ability called Pack, one wolf howls and a whole pack comes to join him.



You can't hurt me!... much...

Skeleton - The bones of the dead were summoned to fight for the Chaos empire,
Skelton items


whenever it be a former friend or foe. The skeleton would have no choice but to fight it. 
Skeletons are units that are like zombies, but have no guts and instead fight the enemy in melee combat. Most skeletons are bones of former slaves, soldiers, and people. they are mostly peirced togther by magic, a few good hits can ensure it dies...

Resistant - Skeletons can't be stunned or be posioned. This is due to the fact that they are not even alive... and that they have barely any flesh

Spiders:  Spiders have the ability to stun and poison, also to shoot sticky silk that can trap enemies for 10 seconds. They have the speed, damage, and attack rate of speartons. They can be ranged units. Abilities: 1. Venom The spider has this as default. It will bite units causing poison. Costs 150 gold and 100 mana  2. Silk trap: 5 spiders will build a wall of silk similar to the magikill wall and miner wall. It will go across the screen. Units that run into the wall will become stuck! Only ranged units can destroy it. It has the health of a non upgraded giant, but only one silk trap can be built  3. Spider growth 1,2,3 Spiders will increase in health and size 3 times and get the health of a spearton. 4.Spiderling spawn: Spiders spawn 3 small spiders that have the health of swordwraths.

BladedFire's UnitsEdit


A furywrath is doing his ability: Back Hook kick.


Another improvised swordwrath that uses martial arts to defend and attack.

Cost:450gold 200mana

Training Time:450(physically trained only, no weapons)


Health:3bars(Martial art masters have good stamina)

Speed:Spearton speed

Damage:Same as Spearton

Melee and ground units

Abilities:Backhook kick(200 gold) costs 20 mana, a powerful kick that stuns enemies and make severe damage to them.This is an AOE effect attack.

Thousand fists(300 gold for research)costs 50 mana, powerful multiple punch that bruises enemies and make their defense lower.This attack can reduce the enemy's defense by 40% and will take damage over time because of the bruises.

A drawing drawn by Jombloxx1


A diseased dead that can disease enemies and make them die but also make themself die too.

Cost:100 gold 100 mana

Training Time:800(Disease injection)


Health:1 bar(as same as Bombers)

Speed:Bomber speed


A diseaser preparing to suicide.

Damage:No damage

Melee, ground unit and suicide.

Abilities:Disease(researched) enemy that contacts diseaser will have disease that make their attack, defense and speed lower than 80% of the original stats, will be poisoned that can't cure except garrison. but when diseaser contacts with them, they melt.


A fast unit that can teleport and attack first.

A flash teleporting simulatenously.

Cost:300 gold 100mana

Training Time:700


Health:3 bars

Speed:Extremely faster than Shadowrath

Damage:As same as Giant

Melee and ground unit.

Abilities:Teleport(researched) Teleport to somewhere.(No recharge, can use instantly without cost)

Ranger Hunter: Deals more damage to ranged unit.


A fast attacking low tier Spearton unit.

Cost:250 gold 50 mana

Training Time:550


Health:2 bars(slightly more than Swordwrath)

Speed:Faster than swordwrath

Damage:Less than Swordwrath(x2 attack)

Melee ground unit

Abilities:Pierce(200 gold 100 mana to research)50 mana per use. Breaks the enemy's armor b

y 30% inflicting 10% damage to the enemy.(Not avaible for gigantic units)


A higher tier unit of Archidon.




Health:3 bar(Slightly less than Shadowrath)

Speed:same as Archidon

Damage:Same as Spearton

Ranged ground unit

Abilities:Power Shot(400 gold to research)50 mana per use.Increases the range and inflicts 170% damage of normal to the enemies.(!50% to flying units).


A dark spellcaster that threatens enemies and kill them with kinds of spells.

Cost:700 gold 700 mana



Health:5 bar(Slightly less than Spearton)

Speed:Faster than Magikill

Damage:Charges a dark ball and projects it to the enemy dealing damage more than Spearton

Ranged ground unit

Abilities:Nightmare(100 gold 50 mana to research)No mana per use. Summons a large swarm of skeleton bats to scare the enemies.(Not effective to Higher Tier Unit)(Only Swordwrath, Archidon, Crawler and Bombers)

Touch of Death(200 gold 150 mana to research)10 mana per use. Takes a lot of time to research. Touches an enemy's head with his palm and vanish the victim to thin air.(Not effective to Magikill, Meric, Medusa, Marrowkai and Giants(Enslaved too.)

Black Hole(300 gold 200 mana to research)50 mana per use. Summons a large supernova that sucks every troops into it in range.(Larger than Magikill's Explosion radius.)

Killerleng3's unitsEdit

Masterwrath -

The swordwrath from order the staute himself  - 1500 gold 1000 mana

Master swordwrath

training time:1 min


Health 1 bar but decreasing slower than giants'


Total Rage - 1000 gold 500 mana Cause him to go into war madness his attack rate and power triple

Sword of War- 1500 gold 600 mana (100 per use) The more melee unit you have the more damge your amry have  

Peacekai (Peace Marrowkai) - 400 gold 400 mana

You know Marrowkai right? He can use hell fist. If there a bad one then there is a good one.

training time:20 sec


Order marrowkai

Health 3 bars

Peacekai abilities

War Angel - 100 gold 100 mana - like reaper

Fists of justice - 100 gold 50 mana - like hell fists

Holy Cut - Deal very high attack to any unit that carry blade

JomMiner - 150 gold 0 mana

The mine was once an order miner. Then got turn into slave by chaos. Some ran to a near by base. There are train into happy working miner.


trainig time:as the regular


Health: 1 bar

Damage:very small

Abilities: Phantom Kill : sends a ghost to instany kill a unit
Flying Bomber

This is it

Hustle - you know what i am talking about.

Rock wall -much heavier than the regular wall.Have a health of of a juggerknight.

Flying Bomber - 450 gold 150 mana

Belong to the country of bomber. After the battle of the chaos vs bomber. The bomber is thinking of making it own wing to fly. The bomber soon learn life and death. Instead of just attacking and blown up there're well train soilder for order.

training time: 60


Health: 3 bars


Explosionis - 200 gold 0 mana - doub

les the speed of throwing his bombs.

Krampus - 1500 gold 600 mana

Good people at x-mas got such a gift. But what about bad one? Well he pay a visit... not a very good one.

Training time:60


Health: 10 bars


Ruined Christmas-Deals heavy Special damage to all enemies. May Stun all targets.

Dark Gift-Deals low damage and applies one random negative effect to target.

Lord Montus- 1500 gold 2500 mana

The lord the dead. He was never killed in battle.Time come and he is a evil tryant. He also the lord of magic and can't be summon or killed by mortal.

Traning Time: 120 sec

Pop: 12

Health: 19 bars

Portal - 500 gold 500 mana 10/use-open a door and come out is dead at least 5.

Magic mirrior - 1000 mana 20/use - Cast a sheild over every unit,all attack will be bounch back for 30 second

Iron wall - 200 gold 500 mana - He throw a pool of blood any unit that cross it will take vemon damge. It stay in the battle forever. When the unit that cross it died it will form another pool of blood or Iron wall.

Door of Death - 300 gold 600 mana - He open a door the door open and lead an amry of undead unit. Can be upgrade to level 2 and 3. The door keep sending out undead unit, until killed by the emeny.

Uriel- 2000 gold 500 mana

The gaurd of heaven. Who ever pass his test, got to have a never-lasting life.

Traning time: 1min

pop: 13

Health: 20 bars   

killerleng3's Unit IdeasEdit

By the way, I made a chart of Light and heavy units:

Light Units                                 Heavy Units

Swordwrath                                 Spearton

Shadowwrath                              Albowtross

Archidon                                    Enslaved Giant

Meric                                         Magikill

Bomber                                      Juggerknight

Crawler                                      Giant

Miner                                         Chaos Turret

Eclipsor                                     Marrowkai

Dead                                         Medusa

Deliever (my own)                       Drudge (my own)

Lancearian (my own)


Nakomi Chichi

A unit that is a fusion of Spearton and Juggernaut. Because of their large defense and attack on both of them, this unit would had have a huge amount of defense and attack in change of its speed(so this unit would have been very slow due to its defense.) so it would have been like a walking tank.

The model for the weapon will have to look like a spear but with 2 large axes under the pointy top.The shield will have to be bigger.

Gold cost--------- 550

Mana cost-------- 600

Attack--------a whole bar like of a miner's health(but takes a long time to recharge.)


The Nakomi is very strong and stronger in squadrons even though of their slow speed, the huge defense will and can cover that weak spot. the only way these units can be killed is with magic.back in time before they became Nakomis they were cap


Ranged units- Ranged units can easily shoot down the Lancearians before the Lancearians can attack.

Swarms- Lancearians can only attack one unit at once, so the Lancearians could only kill 1 or 2 of them before he's overwhelmed.




IMPORTANT (Ghost Relievers): If delievers are killed by tower spawned ghost units, theres a 10% chance that they convert back into their original form and fight for the side of the tower spawned ghost.

Delievers, or the Lost Ones, are shells of the Chaos's prisoners. They are cheap to create and are deadly in overwhelming swarms. They are weak, but their inability to recieve pain and immunity from infection makes them able to endure tons of damage.

A Lost One rising out of the ground.

After the toils of battle, millions of dead bodies from order are left to fester. In this time, the marrowkai go around, injecting a Shell Spirit into every body. Over time, the shell spirit overwhelms and consumes the body's natural spirit, corrupting the body with immense evil and transforming it into a corpse. No matter what the person was before being consumed by a shell spirit, be it a heroic spearton or a eagle-eyed archidon, no sign of the person's personality is seen once it has been "converted" into a deliever.
Shell Spirit

The symbol of a Shell Spirit


The Lost Ones are simply shell spirits in stickman form. The shell spirits are extremely malicious, and want nothing more than the taste of living flesh. However, Delievers can be controlled with magic strong enough.


Faction------------- Chaos

Location------------ Land, Old Battlefields

Role------------------ Overwhelming

Health--------------- Very high, 7 bars Attack power----- Low

Attack Rate------- Medium

Gold cost---------- 225

Mana cost-------- 0

Training time----- 10

Population-------- 2

Training area---- Graveyard

Weapon----------- Hands


Used in huge numbers, Delievers could easily overwhelm any amount of troops.



Guardians are suits of dark armor held together by evil spirits. They are not living beings. They can run for miles on end with no complaints and they can jump into a pit of spikes and yet feel nothing.

Gaurdians run faster than speartons, and can see farther than archidons.


Gaurdians have no feelings.They live to serve the chaos, and will follow their master's orders no matter what the odds.


Faction------------- Chaos

Location------------ Forts, Prisons

Role------------------ Elimination

Health--------------- Very high, 12 bars 

Attack power----- High

Attack Rate------- Medium

Gold cost---------- 900

Mana cost-------- 0

Training time----- 28

Population-------- 5

Training area---- Crypt

Weapon----------- Huge two-handed Scythe


Gaurdians can be used for almost any purpose, being used to doing anything that their masters wish.

The only units that can kill Gaurdians 1 vs 1 are:

Enslaved giants







Rarely seen, ripping up trees and causing stampedes in a rage, Gigants are a truly terrifying sight. The first shadowraths who spotted them on scouting missions thought they were cracking up at first, and even closer inspection didn't reassure them by a lot. Those shadowrath had to stay in hospital for several months just for their  legendary hearing and balance to come back to them.

Gigants are the biggest of all giants, and are known by many as a completely separate species. Alienated from their giantish counterparts by climate, Gigants have mutated even larger to reign over their lands without mercy.


Gigants are even dumber than giants. They survive only with sheer size and strength, and therefore have very little brainpower.


Faction------------- Chaos

Location------------ No Man's land, in areas where even giants are afraid to roam

Role------------------ All purposes

Health--------------- Extremely high, 40 bars

Attack power----- Extremely high, 3 bars, shock 4s, splash damage

Attack Rate------- Low

Gold cost---------- 3500

Mana cost-------- 0

Training time----- 100s

Population-------- 20

Training area---- Cave

Weapon----------- Big tree, dead giant


Almost anything, except for scouting and trying to look weak so the enemy underestimates you.If you can some how train a lot of Gigants you can kill any kind of unit.Can't be control by V.

Edwardok's unitsEdit

Axewrath:  Edit

When the juggerknights got captured, the axewrath who were relatives came to help.  but chaos was too strong.  As the prisoners and labourers, the axewrath were tortured and killed.  Though the axewrath were tough, the juggerknights who were so evil that they smashed an axe through thier heads and a sword through their legs, killing them.  The remaining axewrath were red with anger, and smashed the guards, took back their weapons and limped to order with wounds and scratches.



Axewrath (edward)

A axewrath


attack power:very hight

health:3and half bars

speed:a bit slower than swordwrath

can throw one spare axe that it rips out from the head

Special abilities:

Fury of axes:

gold cost:100


it makes a unit - one and a quarter bars of life                                                                                                      

Zombiedeath's UnitsEdit


After the Swordwrath took up the way of the ninja, a few Shadowrath did not agree with the stealthful, tactile ways of their bretheren. They decided that it was time for a new approach. This group has become the Samuwrath.

A Samuwrath in his Meditation stance.

Faction: Order

Cost: 450 Gold 150 Mana

Training Time: 200

Pop: 4

Health: 4 Bars

Melee Ground Unit


Meditate- The Samuwrath stands still and concentrates, increasing the power of his next attack. 10 second recharge. (Note: The Samuwrath is extremely vulnerable while doing this. Back him up with Archidons and/or Speartons)

Fight With Honor- The Samuwrath lets out a war cry, increasing the morale of surrounding units and boosting their speed and attack power for a short time. 20 second recharge.

Zen Fury- He stay there like stun for 1 min and after the staying he unlesh a huge wave of attack


During the Conquering and most of the Order-Chaos War, Death himself happily toiled away collecting the souls of fallen soldiers before being approached by Medusa, who promised a steady flow of fresh souls in exchange for his servitude. The Reaper serves as Medusa's summoner, bringing in minions to obey their every whim. When not calling on demons or enslaving enemy soldiers, he fights hand to hand with his deadly scythe.

Faction: Chaos

Not my best work, but it'll do until I can get a higher quality pic.

Cost: 500 Gold 500 Mana

Training Time: 500

Pop: 3

Health: 3 Bars

Magical/Melee Ground Unit


nslavement- The Reaper chains up an enemy unit, forcing them to fight for him. This ability does not work on Giants/Enslaved Giants or Miners. Very long recharge time, so use wisely. 1 minute recharge.

Minion Summon- Similar to the Magikill's summon ability from Stick War 1. The Reaper slams his scythe on the ground, opening a portal where a Chaos unit emerges to fight. Unit type is random. Reaper is vunlerable while opening the portal. 5 second recharge.

ultimate hyperions unitsEdit

  • Order
  • Hoplite

​when the speartons were defeated by Order, they sought a new way,they evolved into hoplites with less armor and longer spears for throwing,they are also equipped with a short sword which has a strike equal to the shadowrath's third fixate strike


500 gold 100 mana


3 bars




High, almost a much as the shadowrath

Melee/Ranged ground unit


Shield wall\shield bash

enemies charging into him will be shish kebabed

200 mana 50 gold 


will throw his spear and fight with sword 

free toggle

Ckristopherjames' unitEdit


The Pestilence is the spellcaster of the Oblivion Empire. They can inflict poison to the enemy everytime they are hit by the Virus that is within the hands of The Pestilence. Pestilences have 3 spells: Virus spread, Consume, and Pharoah's Tomb.


cost 500 gold 600 mana

Production time: 60 seconds

Attack same as Dead (Melee)

Attack Speed same as Dead

Speed same as Dead

health same as Dead

Virus hands 200 gold 100 gold

Allows the Pestilence to inflict poison to the enemy everytime they are hit by the Pestilence's hands. Mana cost 10.


A Strong Pestilence armed for battle.

Virus spread

Cost: Free

cooldown 10 seconds

Spreads a Virus that can poison the enemies and stun them for 3 seconds. The poison from the virus can  be healed only by garrison. If the units die because of the poison, a pool of poison will spawn on the victims' location.


300 gold 200 mana

cooldown 25 seconds

Consumes any non-Giant unit killing it instantly.

Pharoah's Tomb

300 gold 300 mana

cooldown 30 seconds

Sucks any unit (Including your own) in front of the Tomb releasing them after 7 seconds. After they are released they will be stunned for 5 seconds and will have poison after recovering from stun. Very effective for massers.

Hermit CrabEdit

  • Info : When medusa died, The poison splattered on a swordwrath. He became sick! Any medicines wouldn't work! He died! Our men buried him under the ground. After some days, THE SWORDWRATH CAME OUT FROM HIS GRAVE! and now he's looking advanced dead!
  • Gold : 450
  • Mana : 150
  • Population : 4
  • Time : 20 seconds
  • Health : 4 bars
  • Faction : Chaos
  • Speed : Same as swordwrath
  • Damage : Higher than normal dead
  • Abilities:

1) Undead Soul

Gold : 300                                   Mana : 100

Time : 30 seconds

Function : Hermis' damage and speed increases!

2) Poisonuous Guts

Gold : 300                                    Mana : 10/use

Time : 10 seconds

Function : A toggle that toggles poison on and off.

3) Deadology

Gold : 500                                    Mana : 50/use

Time : 60 seconds                   Time ( to use ability) : 10 seconds

Function : Hermis heals another unit by mysterious ability.


Strong ground unit, good against Archidon and statues that hold a mace.

Health: 7 bars

slow, but they can knock sheilds down easily.


A miner that can mine, but still defend himself when attacked.

HEALTH Same as miner
Damage  same as crawler
Speed a little slower than swordwrath
Cost 250 gold
Training time 20 secs


Dig-  digs mini ditch that next 3 enemy units fall into and get stunned for 5 seconds and take a little damge. (100 mana, 20 seconds cooldown time)

BTD6_maker's UnitsEdit


Elite miner that can dig a tunnel and become invisible. It can pop up on an enemy to do two-bar damage. It has three bars of health itself. It has a population of 3.

Maximum time in tunnel: 10 sec

Cooldown: 30 sec

Mana cost of ability: 100 mana

Gold cost of ability: 0 gold

It can build a wall (8 bars) and a turret (4 bars, attacks like Archidon).

Time to build wall: 10 sec

Cool down for wall: 20 sec

Mana cost of wall: 0 mana

Gold cost of wall: 200 gold

All stats same for turret.

It may heal a statue, wall, or turret by 1 bar.

Cooldown: 10 sec

Mana cost: 50 mana

Gold cost: 50 gold

Mana cost of unit: 50 mana

Gold cost of unit: 300 gold


The flying unit. To attack, it crashes down doing 1 bar damage to enemies in a short distance. It waits 2 seconds before flying again. When it crashes, melee units can attack it. It has 4 bars of health. It has a population of 5.

NOTE: It may attack flying units. It will then still be unable to move or attack for two seconds but is not targetable by grounded melee.

Mana cost of unit: 150 mana

Gold cost of unit: 550 gold

Bluexmagic's unit:

Destricaticus: a magic unit, with both abilties of all magic units. Gold:1000 Mana:1000 AdrianC253's Units (srry, dont actually have a username)

Sucker -

Faction: Order

Gold: 450

Mana: 200

Uses his arms and body and rolls up into a ball, also trapping a enemy inside, similar to the kamikaze bomber's ability. This causes the Sucker to implode causing a small portion of freindly fire damage as well as causing normal damage to the enemy near them.

Special ability

- High Implode Ability 

Gold: 0

Mana: 350

Reload time: None

This ability causes to damage in air chaos enemies and also cause a small portion of freindly fire damage as well as damage to ememy. The sucker's ability kills all in air enemies in one strike.

Heavy Puncher

Faction: Chaos

Gold : 800

Mana: 0

Heavy Puncher cause one bar of damage on any enemy making this unit a heavy killing unit. Havy Puncher's range is a bit more longer than a swordwrath's and shorter than a archidon. He has a very short reload punch time, every punch uses 4.2 seconds to reload.

Special Ablity:

Rapid Punching

Punches 60% more faster

Gold: 50

Mana: 450

Reload time: 90 seconds

ToastyToast's UnitsEdit

 Eagle Eye Edit


an Eagle Eye giving his signal so the others could attack

Description : The Eagle Eyes are peaceful people,but they are really experienced at ranged weapons,they have a crossbow made out of wood and gold,an iron helmet,a golden quiver and armor plates for their hands and legs. These units are expensive than the Archidons,but cheaper than the Albowtross making them a good substitute.

Gold : 350

Mana : 50

Population : 3

Sans titre

Abilities : Battle Rage - Ranged Beast

The Battle Rage has 2 levels,it will increase the Eagle Eye range by 30% in the first level,and give him a 5% speed boost,the second level will increase the range by 10% and the speed by 2.5%

Sans titre 2

The Ranged Beast will make the Eagle Eye shoot 4 fire arrows at once,dealing increased damage and dealing burning damage                                                                                              

Speed : Normal, Quite fast when battle rage is researched

Health : 2 bars

Damage : Medium, High when Ranged beast is used

Armour : Yes

Training Time : 25 seconds

Training Location : Archery Range

Faction : The Lost Empire

Type : Ground Unit

Black Magic Edit

Description : The Black Magic is a very gruesome creature,it has a half human,and half monster,its legs are very sharp and silent,this creature can use one of his abilities to make an enemy unit fight for his side,and can spawn demons,who are dark red colored and has 3 legs,to fight for him,he can also use small red plasma balls attack with them,however,this unit is bestly used as an army spawner,due to its weak damage and low health,slow speed and high cost,making it a very weak caster if attacked.

Gold : 530

Mana : 470

Speed : Slow

Abilities Costs :

Possess : 150 mana to use

Demon Mouth : 300 gold 120 mana to research

   Free demon spawning,10 seconds cool down

Demon Mouth Health : 1 Bar

Demon Mouth Damage : Low

Demon Mouth Speed : Medium


Swordwrath possess

Possessed Swordwrath Attacking,you can see a bloody Ordered helmet on the ground

Population : 6

Health : 1,5 Bar

Damage : Low

Abilities : Possess - Demon Mouth

Description : Possess will make an enemy unit fight for your side

Demon Mouth will make the Black Magic spawn Demons

Faction : Chaos

Training Time : 30 seconds
Black Magic

A Black Magic that recently spawned a Demon,also he is preparing the plasma attack

Type : Ground Unit

Ordered Edit

Unit Warrior

The Ordered Appearance

Description : Their name is Ordered,same as their faction and role,the Ordered are the Warriors of the Order statue,Stronger and faster than all Order units except the Enslaved Giant,however,they cost more and takes a while to be trained.Their role is to attack the enemy,and protect weak units that are being attacked,such as a poor miner that is being attacked by multiple enemies,they sacrifice themselves for the love of their country,and to protect their country and its people.

Gold : 550

Mana : 85

Shield ability

Population : 10

Health : 7,5 bars

Damage : High

Abilities : Shield Up - Shield Push

Description : The Shield Up ability will make the Ordered raise their shield,the same as the Speartons,blocking 40% upcoming damage

Shield ability 2

Shield Charge will make the Ordered charge in a line with their shields raised,pushing the enemy units,dealing damage to them,and stun them.

Speed : High

Armour : Yes

Training Time : 29 seconds

Training Location : Barracks

Faction : Order

Type : Ground Unit

SlasherOmegaUltima's Units: Edit

Redesigned: Edit

Order: Edit


Chaos: Edit

-Soon coming

Toastytoast's empire ideas : Edit

When Order defeated Chaos,and when Medusa died,a new empire was born in that day.The Lost Empire!the Lost Empire was an ally of Order,long time ago,they were supporting Order,in the days Order was still weak,the Lost Empire helped them,this empire's name was called "The Avengers Empire" because they were helping people,but now,the Chaos empire have tricked the minds of the Lost Empires (AKA The Avenger Empire).they can't remember anything,all they know is to kill everyone that gets in their,they are the enemies of Order,Elementals,and even Chaos that tricked them.Even that this empire is very old,it has deadly units because of it's scientists and researchers.

Interface : the interface looks old,and different,because this empire is lost,that means they are very very they should have a different interface,here it is : (Please Click on the image for better view,thanks)



Miner :

The Miner is the basic economic unit for the Lost Empire,they have a basic bag and a pickaxe,similliar to every human being miner in the game.

Gold : 150

Mana : 0

Population : 2

Training time : 8 seconds

Attack Power : Very Low

Attack Rate : Low

Health : 1 Bar (2 Bars with Miner Hustle)

Training location : The Bank

Abilities : Miner Hustle

Speartier :

The Speartier is a cheap and a high damaging unit,but has a low chance to survive in strong combats

Gold : 125

Mana : 0

Population : 1

Speed : Medium - Fast with Battle Hustle

Training time : 12


A Speartier

Attack Power : Moderate

Attack Rate : Medium - Fast with Battle Hustle

Health : 2 bars,no armour

Training location : Barracks

Abilities : Battle Hustle

Ability Cost : 100 Gold 50 Mana to research,10 Mana to use

Ability Cool Down : 5 seconds

Ability Info : The Battle Hustle makes the Speartier glow golden,giving them a speed boost,higher attack rate,at a cost of some mana

Hoplite :

Armoured ground infantry unit,used to tank damage

Gold : 450


The Hoplite

Mana : 50

Population : 3

Speed : Fast

Health : 7 bars

Training Time : 25 seconds

Training Location : Barracks

Abilities : Block & Dash

Block : 100 gold 50 mana to research,free to use,it will make the Hoplites raise their shields and form a defensive wall,reducing 40% upcoming damage

Dash : 200 gold 75 mana to research,35 mana to use,it will make the Hoplites dash forward with their shields raised,damaging and stunning the enemy units,after the activation,the Hoplites block ability will be automatically canceled,but it can be activated again      

Xtasyamphetamine's units                                                                                              Edit

Fury : The fury is a strong and fast swordsman, but not as fast as a Shadowrath. Great for eliminating armoured targets.

Gold : 250

Mana : 10

Population : 2

Speed : Moderately fast

Health : 5 bars

Armor : Head visor, chestplate

Training Time : 15 seconds

Training Location : Barracks

Abilities : Slow Death, Electric Fist

him to cut him to piec

Ultradinosaur's units Edit

Engineer/Undead Engineer/Volcanic builder

The Engineer is a defensive slow moving builder unit it can build ONLY one building through out the whole game and if that building is destroyed the Engineer will die with it.

Cost: 450 gold, 200 mana/450 gold, 200 mana/Fire and Earth and Water, 100 mana

Population: 6

Speed: Slow like a miners

Health: 1 bar

Training Time: 20 seconds

Training location: Mine

Attack power: very low

Abilities: Small Ballista/Poison Ballista/Small Lava Belcher, Heavy Catapult/Heavy Catapult/Lava Belcher, Front line Barracks, Small Support

Small Ballista/Poison Ballista/Small Lava Belcher: Builds a small, weak, lightly armored Ballista turret costing 100 gold/100 gold/100 gold. Only four allowed on each side. Three bars of health. Takes 5 seconds to build Poison Ballista gives off poison effect while the Small Lava Belcher gives off a fire effect (No Upgrades needed)

Heavy Catapult/Heavy Catapult/Lava Belcher: Builds a large heavily armored catapult dealing moderate damage and costing 300 gold, 100 mana/300 gold, 100 mana/300 gold, 100 mana. Only one allowed on each side. Ten bars of health. Takes 20 seconds to build. The Heavy Catapult/Heavy Catapult give off a stun effect While the Lava Belcher gives off a strong fire effect. (Upgrade cost 500 gold, 300 mana)

Front line Barracks: Builds a small lightly armored barracks which allows you to train Swordwrath, Spearton and Arcidion troops from here. Build cost is 700 gold, 300 mana. Only one allowed on each side. Each troop costs 20% more to train here. Five bars of health. (Upgrade cost 1000 gold 500 mana)

Small Support: When in need the engineer spawns in five much weaker Swordwrath/Crawler/Earth Elemental units for 100 mana. Will only work one time for an engineer. These units are uncontrollable and will attack the enemy no matter what. (Upgrade cost 500 gold, 200 mana)

Please let me know what you guys think in the comments below :D

Seanuriarte's units Edit

Thief- Edit


The effect of the "tease" ability with a spearton.

Description:Found in the depths of the Rome lands, the thief is a very useful unit.

Attack rate: N/A

Speed: As fast as a shadowwrath.

Health: 6 bars,armored.

Training area:Barracks




Time needed: 30 secs.


Effect:Can be toggled on and off. The unit makes a "raspberry" sound and says "You can't catch me!" and runs to the castle. This is effective because this makes the victim easy prey for the more powerful units.

Mount- Edit


Mount without "Mount Growth".

Attack rate: As fast as a spearton.

Speed: As fast as a giant.

Health: 10 small bars (armored)

Training Area:Crypt

Empire: Chaos


Mount Growth

Effect: The unit's figure becomes slightly like a giant.Health increases slightly.Now has the ability to stun units.


      EmeraldGod's Death Empire
     The war between Order and Chaos has finally ended.  The Order Empire celebrated their biggest victory in history of Inamorta.  Unknown to them, a great shadow lurks around the corner waiting to strike at the right moment.  A shadowrath, who had been attacked by an unknown enemy, survived and brought the news to Order.  The Grim Reaper and his legions are coming to devastate Inamota, with powers beyond the power of nature and God's combined.  Knowing the power of Death, Order gathered up their largest troops possible, and prepared themselves for the deadliest war they may had ever fought in history.
    Skeleton Miner: Even the Death Empire needs miners to get gold and mana.
    Stats: 2 health bars (unarmored)          Attack: medium
      Speed: Medium                      Gold collected: 100
      Mana gained: 10                    Pop: 1
      Cost:150 gold                      Time: 9 seconds
    Skeleton miners are miners who had died in battle during the Order - Chaos war.  Not remembering its history of working with either Order nor Chaos, skeleton miners do the economic work for Death Empire.  Can be dangerous in large numbers as their attack produce decent damage.  It would take about 2 skeleton miners to kill a swordswrath.
    Shadowman :Basic infantry units with ability to cloak.  Powerful in large number.
    Stats: Three health bars (unarmored)        Attack: medium
           Speed: high                           Pop: 2
           Cost: 180 gold  10 mana              Time: 12 seconds
   Shadowmen are spirit of the Order armies, turned by Death, into evil shadowmen.  Shadowman is similar to a shadowrath; both of them have same speed and cloak ability.  But shadowman cannot use fixate.  What a shadowman can do is teleport to any places, which must be researched to be enabled to do that.  When you kill them, the unit that killed them receives one health regeneration.
   Deads: Similar to Chaos's dead, only they can both throw their poisonous guts and bite as their primary attacks
     Stats: Four health bars (armored)          Attack: low (projectile attack)
            Speed: low                          Pop: 2
            Cost: 250 gold  75 mana             Time: 20 sec
  The deads are actually more dangerous than Chaos's undead.  They have four armored healths, and their bites not only does high damage on other units, but within thirty seconds, the bitten unit turns into the dead itself.  Giant units cannot be turned.  The blue ghost spawn can also turn into the undead if bitten, assuming its not a giant unit.
  Marrowkai: The marrowkais are loyal to the Death Empire, not just Chaos.
   Stats: Four health bars (armored)          Attack: Low(basic attack)
          Speed: low                          Pop: 4
          Cost: 400 gold 500 manas            Time: 25 seconds
 The marrowkais joined the Death Empire, sensing its increasing godlike powers.  Most of the marrowkais joined the Death Empire, while a few remained loyal to Chaos with hopes of Medusa returning.  Death Empire's marrowkais learned new spells thanks to the Grim Reaper.  They retained hells fist and summon reaper spells.  Marrowkai can use lightning tornado to knock back its enemies, stunning them in the process.  This spell can kill Order's archers and Chao's crawlers with one hit.  Marrowkai can also use ice walls to protect its units and block enemies in its path.  The ice wall has lots of health (10 health bars).  The marrowkai cannot use ice wall once it has been set until the wall has been destroyed.  Overall, the marrowkais are very dangerous since they have armor thanks to Death.  Both the new spells must be researched to enable them for use.
 Hell Knights: Giant units with immense powers
  Stats: 10 health bars (armored)          Attack: Very high(melee)
                                                   Fire Orbs (High, does AoE)
         Speed: medium                     Pop: 7
         Cost: 1500 gold                   Time: 40 seconds
 The Hell Knights are very powerful in combat.  They can prove to be tough, as they devastate their opponents in the blink of an eye.  They are a bit faster than Order and Chaos giants.  Hell Knights are very costly, thus they don't frequently appear in battle.  They create loud noises when they walk, indicating they are in the battlefield.  Hell Knights brings fear into the brave soldiers' hearts as their fiercesome looks and physical structure can force them to flee in terror
 Crazy Bombers: Similar to Chaos's bombers, only they have slightly higher health and they throw unlimited bombs.
  Stats: 2 health bars (unarmored)        Attack: High
        Speed: very high                  Pop: 4
        Cost: 350 gold 100 mana
 These crazy bombers are a pain in the neck.  Their attack does AoE like Chaos bombers.  They don't run away when they're about to die, as their death results in an explosion, damaging nearby units.  The crazed bombers can hit flying units.  We're not sure how many bombs they have, but we know for sure it's a lot.
 Corrupted Priest: A fellow priest corrupted by the devils, to do the dirty work for Death. Heals friendly units and converts enemy units.
  Stats: Three health bars (unarmored)    Attack: low
         Speed: medium                    Pop: 5
         Heal: 1 health bar/ 3 seconds    Convert Time: depends on enemy unit
         Cost: 400 gold  200 mana         Time: 25 seconds
 The former Order priests, corrupted by the devils, heals units.  They can also convert enemy units to be on the Death Empire's side (does not affect population).  They are dangerous in numbers as their convertings can turn the tide in battle.
 Devils: Death's loyal legions, willing to obey him in order to achieve a common goal: destruction
  Stats: 1 health bar (unarmored)        Attack: Medium
         Speed: High                     Pop: 3
         Cost: 200 gold  100 mana        Time: 20 seconds
 The devils shoot their demonic crossbows which can pierce armors.  They fly in battle, seemingly to dominate the sky.  They're not easy to deal with in numbers.  Luckily they have low health with no armor, so they can generally be destroyed quickly, assuming you have lots of archers.
 Grim Reaper: Leader of Death Empire.  One of the toughest units in the Death Empire.
  Stats: 1 extremely high health bars (armored)        Attack: Extremely high(melee)
                                                               Spells(very high)
         Speed: High                    Pop: 15
         Cost: 5000 gold  3500 mana     Time: 60 seconds
 The Grim Reaper tears fear to the brave soldiers' hearts, even the speartons, for his scythe and spells spelled death for everyone.  Grim Reaper can do AoE damage, damaging up to four units with his scythe.  One hit can deplete more than 3 health bars, and his damage pierce armors as well.  He can hit flying units with his scythe as well.  His spells are very damaging.  He can summon 5 random Death Empire units to the battle.  It can be a mix of shadowmen, deads, marrowkais, hell knights, crazy bombers, etc.  Grim Reaper can reap up to five units by performing the summon reaper spell similar to the marrowkai.  Grim can make copies of himself (three copies, thus totaling four reapers).  The copies can attack, though does half the damage of the actual reaper.  Copies can explode when destroyed, thus damaging units nearby.  The Grim Reaper can passively heal himself and cure himself as well.  The Grim Reaper can summon firewalls, and push the wall to the enemies back to its castle, thus not only damaging them, but burns them as well.  When on low health, the Grim Reaper automatically teleports back to its own castle to either heal up or stay away from battle.  When the Grim Reaper is around, all Death Empire units automatically receives increased damage and speed.  There can only be one true Grim Reaper, so there cannot be another real reaper or more unless the 1st one dies.  The Grim Reaper cannot be stunned and he also cannot be possessed by V.  Overall, it's the most dangerous unit in the game.  Its spells don't need to be researched.

Castle Archers: Can be up to 3 archers (consists of one dead, one crazy bomber, and one devil)

               Chronological order: Devil, dead, bomber

Resilience: Increase statue health.

Tornado: Marrrowkai summons lightning tornado, damaging some enemies.

Ice Wall: Marrowkai summons ice wall, blocking enemies.

Blaze: The devils can fire flaming arrows, burning them in the process.

Miner Hustle: Increases miner's health and speed.

Extreme Speed: Crazy Bombers move even faster than ever.

Natural Growth: Hell Knights have increased health.

Sacrifice: Corrupted priests sacrifices itself to heal all units.

Cloak 1: Shadowmen can cloak for short period of time; damages enemies while cloaking.

Cloak 2: Shadowmen cloak for longer periods of time; does massive damage.

Cloak 3: Shadowmen cloak for even longer period of time; can kill a spearton and juggerknights.

Passive Income 1: passively gain gold and mana every few seconds.

Passive Income 2 and 3: passively gain gold and mana every few seconds.

Tower Spawn: spawns a ghost unit with no cost and population (Crazy bomber).

Tower Spawn 2: spawns a ghost unit with no cost and population (Marrowkai).

Tower Spawn 3: spawns a ghost unit with no cost and population (Hell Knights).

Statue Defense: Statue actually attacks nearby enemies.

Double Plasma Orbs: Hell Knights can throw two orbs

Burrow: The Deads can dig underground and damage opponents by jumping off the ground. This poisons enemy units

Conversion: Corrupted Priest's conversion is 25% more effective

Crazy Health: Crazy Bomber have increased health

Boned: Marrowkai can throw bones at enemies. Stuns enemies, but does very low damage

Miner's wrath: Skeleton miners have increased attacks and are equipped with armor

Teleport: Shadowman can teleport anywhere (with the exception of enemy territory)

Repair: Skeleton Miners can repair Statues to its full health. Can also repair ice wall set up by marrowkais. Requires gold for repair

Sentry: Miners can build sentries, which acts a defensive units and attack enemies on sight. Has six unarmored health and their attacks does moderate damage and they can set units on fire.

 The Order Empire knows the power Death Empire has that they don't have.  The Order has more experience in combat, but will it be enough to fend off the deadly Grim Reaper and his legion?

Geraldson 666's and Shadowrath Jr.'s Unit Idea

So, I made my own unit (we're both owned by the same person) ...


Way of the Slingshot

Gold - 250 Mana-50 Training Time- 20 sec. Pop.- 2

"So accurate, so strong, my enemy will perish before me!"

Health - 4 bars armored 

Damage - Medium

Attack Speed - Medium

Speed - Medium


It carries a normal slingshot, but the edges seem that is has a silver tip. It wears a helmet, but has a visor across its face. It carries a brown satchel full of rocks. 


Spike ball (Research: 100 gold 100 mana 12 seconds for research)- it replaces its rocks with spike balls, tripling the damage. It lasts until cancelled.

Death Drop (Research: Gold- 1250 Mana - 500 Training Time: 20 sec.)- replaces rocks with tiny bombs that does extreme AOE damage. Lasts until cancelled.

Long Walk (Research: Gold- 50 Mana-0 Training Time- 10 sec.)- upgrades its slingshot to increase range and damage significantly higher. Can never be cancelled or anything. 

MLGJunkrat's Unit Idea 

I think a good idea of a new unit in Order in Stick War 3 is a knight, similar to spearton and swordwrath combined, but can deflect with its shield, and with full armor, and a similar one, but is a dead, no full armor, but still is armored