Chaos tower

Miner Tower - Enslaved Miner builds a turret for the cost of 300 gold. These structures fire projectiles at enemy units that look like green energy balls once they come in range. Like the Order walls, towers can be destroyed as they're built and cannot be repaired. They can be upgraded for more power

Note: A turret's projectiles don't appear to be visible (or are just hard to see), and can confuse some neophytes who are unfamiliar with the game. As with the order walls, these can be stacked and cannot be built near the pillar. Also, these are completely passable. You can only put 2 of these and same with Miner Wall


These towers can't poison and can't damage units when exploded.


To make this fully-utilised, build it near to mines, stack it. When enemy come, get Juggerknights to stun them and Giants to stun them while towers shooting. Get Medusa 's Venom flux to poison them while they are stunned.

Some people don't realize it, but the Miner Tower also synergizes well with the Marrowkai and his Hell Fists. Place it centrally, and all the troops will go toward it. Then, use Hell Fists on all the troops attacking the Miner Tower for lots of damage!