Miner default

A Miner in the Armory

"We had no choice."

-A Miner Enslaved by Chaos

"I live to serve... For there is only chaos without the servants of order."

-A Loyal Miner of Order

Miners form the backbone of an army`s economy. They are the only non-combat unit in the game. Both Chaos and Order have Miners. 


Miners are simple units, wielding a pickaxe and bag to collect gold to fund armies. And are the only ones in Stick War II and up who can pray. Miners have the ability to go and either build a wall (Order) or a turret (Chaos). Miners in chaos are captured human civilians or captured order miners! You know how chaos giants have a human as they're 2nd weapons? Well it's because those are miners that have been enslaved and punished for some reason so they use those miners as weapons.

Upgrades Edit

The miner's sole upgrade is the Miner Hustle, costing 300 gold and 100 mana. The Miner Hustle doubles the life of miners and increases their speed. This upgrade boosts your gold income and makes your miners much more resistant to attacks.


Stat Description Stat Description
Miner 23

A Miner in-game who has Miner Hustle




Location Land Role Resource-Gathering and Praying(stick war 2)

One Bar

Two Bars (with Miner Hustle)




Medium (with Miner Hustle)

Attack Power Very Low Attack Rate Slow
Gold Cost 150 Mana Cost 0
Training Time 8 seconds Population 2
Training Location



Weapon Pickaxe


  • Order consisted mainly of Miners before the Rebellion
  • In Stick War 1, Miners that are manually controlled would mine up to three times as fast
  • The Miner is the only unit in the game that can construct buildings.