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As of January 10, 2014, FailingAtFailing has deleted all strategies as part of a proposed wiki clean-up. This allows new strategies to be posted that are more relevant to the current metagame which has changed since many of the strategies here were posted. (Approved by DAZ/SE Community)

I will be editting this article to make it completely unbiased (ratings and so on). ~ DAZ

General Terms and Gaming TerminologyEdit

Before you have developed into the metagame, you should know some terms that may be present:

Term Definition
Early-Game The very start of the game. Many starts are available for use. Starts may be a key change in the result of the game especially in shortmaps. However, it could also work in your favor on Grasshills by allowing you to keep tower.
Garrison A command executable by pressing G while units are selected, those units will run back and attempt to enter your castle. While inside the castle, they will gradually be fully healed and be invulnerable to damage. Useful in early-game.
Late-Game Generally consists of one player's final, large assault on the other player. 
Macro The monitoring of your army as a whole, mainly in regards as to spending of resources and the timing of doing so. The building of units, which units to build,etc.
Metagame The game within the game. Essentially, all the strategies involved with playing the game against other people.
Micro Fine control of units such as specific movement of individual units such as kiting, animation cancelling, etc.
Mid-Game The time between Early-Game and Late-Game, where both sides will try to build up their forces for the Late-Game as fast as possible, while attempting the slow down the other player's unit production
Tower The central pillar in every map. By having your units exclusively near the pillar, you will gain control of it (shown with the red bar) and once you have full control, you gain many benefits, making control of the Tower very appealing and part of many strategies. Controlling the Tower gives you a small amount of gold every few second. 
Hold Command By pressing the command, "hold" or hotkey "h", you can make the select unit(s) stay in position and attack and enemies that come within range. This is especially useful for pressuring camps and turtlers, etc.
LightForce Look at all replays, etc by accounts by LightForce, follow his youtube and you can learn a lot.
Pressuring Attacking the opponent's base and not allowing their miners to go on the 2nd row.
Turtling Camp at your own base. Passives, Castle archers and defenses to ensure that the opponent can lose the advantage that they have gained in the early game or the midgame. Using Miner Walls can help you to defend the assaulting opponent.

If opponent destroys your Miner Walls you can always use Miners as a Human Shield/Quick Defend to defeat the attacking opponent. ''


An incredible resource for learning how to play Stick Empires, different metas, etc.

Here are some channels/videos that will help: Team Zenith  WyzDM Spino Ben, LightForce BladedFires

The entire chart edited by Java_Script in chaos use crawlers giants bombers dead every unit not medusa and mrrikai in order coming soon

WyzDM Gameplay05:29

WyzDM Gameplay

TZxJavaScript VS WyzDM06:44

TZxJavaScript VS WyzDM

WyzDM Gameplays (2)05:36

WyzDM Gameplays (2)

TZxJavaScript VS maxchiang03:40

TZxJavaScript VS maxchiang

WyzDM Gameplay (3)03:23

WyzDM Gameplay (3)

THEFORCE Vs TZxXenoTex07:02


IHATETHISNAME (Chaos) vs HashBrownTrials (Order)04:23

IHATETHISNAME (Chaos) vs HashBrownTrials (Order)

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