"For we, are the Merics. Casting spells to protect our warriors, our enemies will never outlast us!" -Anonymous user
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Art of a Meric


  Merics are a variant of Magikill, being the females of their race, trained in the art of healing instead of combat. 


Stat Description Stat Description

A Meric as she appears in the Armory while wielding the default staff

Faction Order
Location Land Role Healing
Health 3 Bars Unarmoured Speed Slow
Attack Power Very Low Attack Rate Slow
Training Time 15 Seconds Population 3
Training Location Temple Weapons Staff



The icon for the Meric poison cure spell


The icon for the Meric heal spell

Merics will attempt to heal the unit with the lowest health within their range. However, due to a glitch, if multiple Merics attempt to heal a single unit at the same time, the effect will be equal to single Meric regardless of how many Merics there actually are. The same thing applies to cure, as all the Merics will cure 1 unit. this could result in a massive waste of mana. 

Merics will also cure poison from your soldiers in a similar manner. It is clearly audible when a meric cures poison instead of healing health.

A meric cannot restore health and cure poison at the same time.


After the takeover of Order, the rebelling Magikill trained female members of their nation in the art of healing to support units on the battlefield. 


  • Merics are also called "monks" on account of their robes.
  • Both comically and frustratingly, players often report their Merics charging into battles, apparently trying to heal the enemy. While this is not the case, those Merics usually die, wasting the 300 gold and 200 mana used to train them for the battlefield. ---- As of patch 1.46 This has been fixed.
  • The Merics have white skin ( literally ) while other units have the opposite.
  • With a large group of Merics, it's nearly impossible to kill individual Merics as all the other Merics will heal the injured Meric. See the picture as an example.
  • Using the above tactic, it's possible to win a game with only a few units. Examples include one or two Enslaved Giants, or around 6 Speartons.
  • The only way to counter a large group of Merics is to concentrate on one Meric at a time using a large group of offensive units. Using units that deal massive damage or stuns will help, like Shadowrath and their abilities or giants.
  • Merics can deal a suprisngly large amount of damage for their role, allowing meric masses to be unusually fatal.
  • The word "Meric" is most likely a combination of the words "medic" and "cleric". (It could also be a combination of "monk" and "cleric"

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