Concept ArtEdit

This concept art was posted by Crazy Jay on his blog for the game. He said it could be a possibility that this could be the 3rd empire, alongside of the Chaos and Order empire.

Elemental Empire

The drawing shows that the units appear to have an element bound to each of them. The wind element seems to be a flying unit, the rock unit also seems that it would be one of the more strong units. Also, it seems that the water would be a basic fighting unit, and the fire would be a caster.

Eclipsor Statue
The Eclipsor Statue

The Eclipsor Statue is the statue that appears to be another empire, you can not currently obtain it in the online version of the game, but you can see it on the campaign mode, Stick Wars 2.

User-Created ConceptsEdit

This is a collection of user-created concept art that could possibly be taken into consideration of the making of new units. The gallery does not include each concept on the wiki, but most of them were included.Edit

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