"You must all die!"

-Medusa before performing Mass Petrification.



Mass Petrification affecting the entire Order army.

Mass Petrification is an immense ability which will turn every one of your units to stone. Only the original Queen Medusa used it, only once, in the Stick War 2 level "Medusa".

Mass Petrification killing 36 merics.

After overwhelming Chaos's forces, Order proceeded on taking down Chaos permanently by eliminating the statue of Queen Medusa. Unfortunately, however, she grew with rage and eventually entered the battlefield herself, using Mass Petrification on Order's entire army...

Mass petrification killing 36 swordwraths

Use in Stick War 2Edit

After she unleashed Mass Petrification, the entire Order army turned to stone. The survivors emerged from the Order Castle; six Speartons, three Merics, two Miners, a Magikill and a Giant. They were forced to fight Medusa, and attacking her Statue did no harm. Eventually, they defeated and decapitated Medusa, as seen in the end credits with a Spearton holding up her head.

She, strangely, only used the ability once - in the last level of Stick War 2. This is perhaps petrifying one unit alone is already costly, but petrifying an entire army is extremely difficult. Or, due to the fact that the 'Medusas' in Stick Empires are simply clones of the original, they may be weaker and unable to do Mass Petrification.


  • Units garrisoned inside the castle will not be affected by Mass Petrification, allowing the player to exceed the unit limit of 80.
  • Shadowrath when using Shinobi, strangely, will not turn into stone, also allowing the player to exceed the unit limit of 80.
  • Units close to Medusa may not be affected by Mass Petrification, which is the third way to beat the 80-population limit. Unfortunately, units close to her will most likely not survive.
  • There is a glitch in the game that will let Speartons in Shield Wall mode to not be petrified, but take an immense amount of damage.
  • Giants are not petrified, but merely eliminated like Albowtross, when they are hit they only fall out of the sky.