A powerfull Blast is one of the Abilities of a Magikill.

User's of BlastEdit



The Magikill raises it's staff to the heavens, and speaks the words "Fulminate!" and point his staff at the enemies, causing a large explosion that delivers AOE damage to up to 1 health to any units in it's blast radius. This is the Magikill's starter ability, and can be used immediately. However, it has a long cooldown and is rather slow, so it is better to calculate where the enemy will walk before you actually activate the spell.

It is not recommended to use Magikill with only this spell, because when on cooldown they will be virtually worthless. They will also have no self-defense and are they are not very fast and could easily be chased down, attacked and killed by other units.

Useful StrategiesEdit

The Magikill's Blast spell does heavy damage to units with little or no armor. E.g, The Swordwrath , Crawlers and Archidons . This makes it highly effective at take a cluster of these enemies all at once whilst minimising losses. It is even more effective at preventing losses of your own forces when used it tandom with Spearton's Shield Wall.( In stick war 2 on easy mode the blast can kill any 2 bar or below unit. Great for stopping a army of sword) 

Disclaimer: This is highly unlikely to work against a Live Opponent as they may work out what you are doing and target the Magikill rather than the Spearton. This is also somewhat ineffectibe against more powerful  enemies such as the Spearton , both variants of Giant's , and Juggerknight's .

Use the Spearton's Shield Wall ability to reduce damage and bait incoming attacks from enemies, then have the Magikill target the largest cluster of enemies, then activate the attack. Then watch as the cluster of enemies is completely destroyed.