The Mage Guild is a an area in Order's castle dedicated solely to the Magikill. Unlike the Barracks or the Archery Range, the Mage Guild is primarily for the Magikill and not for two or more units, or for any of Order's other economical,aggressive or defensive plans.


The Mage Guild.


The Magikill Guild is where Magikill can be trained, and a Magikill can be seen exiting the guild when called upon to fight. Since Magikill are trained only with Explosion, the Mage Guild will allow research of Poison Spray, which poisons enemies on a horizontal line, and Electric Wall, which electrocutes enemies on a vertical line.


The Mage Guild can be seen with two Magikill orbs lighting up its entrance, with a much larger crystal ontop. Above the crystal can be found the star of the Magikill, with lights and sparks orbiting it from time to time.

Although it is a building dedicated to the Magikill and their research alone, the guild can be considered very small, compared to other Order structures.


  • The Mage Guild is one of the four Order buildings dedicated to one unit, with the others being the Giant's Prison , the Temple (Meric) and the Bank (Miner).
  • The Mage Guild can also be referred to as, "The Magikill's Guild", whereas the Barracks cannot be referred to as a Spearton, Swordwrath, or Shadowrath stronghold, giving the Magikill a building unique to themselves, alone.