"For we are the Lancemen! Which our blinding speed and superior strength, our foes will be cut down where they stand!"

Intro Edit

The Lancemen are heavy calvary developed by the Speartons that have trained in the art of Horseback Riding for speed and skill. Lancemen carry Lances with pointed out tips, as well as armor and armored horses for high defensive skills.

Stats Edit

Health 6 Bars (Armored) Faction Order Empire

Spearton Nation

Attack High (Higher if used Horse

Ram or Heavy Lances)

Abilities Heavy Lances, Horse Ram,

Rally Call

Weapon Lance Cost 550 Gold (400 in Stick Empires)

300 Mana (200 in Stick Empires)

Population Cost 2

Unique Kills Edit

Swordwrath Edit

The Lancemen will easily stab its Lance straight into the Swordwrath's head

Relationships With Other Nations Edit

Swordwrath Edit

The Lancemen view the Swordwrath as nothing but a good shield for their precious horses so that they don't get hurt. They see them as nothing but weak and useless for attacking or defending their statue. Once becoming the rulers of the Spearton Government, The Lancemen outlawed any alliances with the Sowrdwrath Nations

Shadowrath Edit

Shadowrath are also another reason that the Lancemen had the Swordwrath alliance outlaw act put in place. The Lancemen fear the Shadowrath for their skill. You would think they would welcome them as allies, but they fear that they will betray them more, by the look of Chaos in their eyes.

Meric Edit

The Merics are great allies to the Lancemen in their times of need. Often, the Lancemen will offer their defensive skills to defend the Magikill Nation, in exchange, the Magikill will send over their Merics to help keep the injured warriors and horses after battle in the Spearton Nation.

Dead Edit

The Lancemen face the deads into their faces with their deadly lances. They see the deads as nothing but warriors that have once died with honor, but now that honor has been disgraced and must be laid back to rest.

Trivia Edit

Lancemen Level: Heavy Calvary: Speartons Declare War

The Lancemen refer themselves as the saviors of the Spearton homeland.