"We are the Kunoichi, our stealth and skill make our daggers invisible to those against unity!" By Anyomous User

Intro Edit

The Kunoichi are Swordwrath Nation women who have trained in the arts of stealth just the same as the Shadowrath trained. They use their twin daggers and speed to strike down their enemies.

Stats Edit

Health 3 Bars Faction Order Empire
Abilities Fixate, Fury Shinobi I,

Shinobi II, Infiltrate

Nation Swordwrath
Cost Gold 250 (225 for Stick Empires)

Mana 300 (200 for Stick Empires)

Weapon Twin Stealth Daggers
Attack Moderate Population Cost 4

Relationship with Other Nations Edit

Shadowrath Edit

The Kunoichi admire the Shadowrath for their exquisite abilities in stealth, causing the Kunoichi to fall for them. Even though they realize that their skills will not be enough to match their Shadowrath brethren.

Swordwrath Edit

The Swordwrath are found to be nothing but human shields to the Kunoichi. They use them as hide behinds to avoid many attack until they go Shinobi, then abandon the Swordwrath as they continue to fall easily.

Crawler Edit

The Crawlers appear to be the deadly assassins they are known as for their speed. The Kunoichi fear the Crawlers for their Immense speed and power to gang up on them and still attack them, even if cloaked in Shinobi.

Medusa Edit

The Kunoichi have no intent of being anywhere near anyplace where the foul demon Medusa is. All Kunoichi are afraid of her snake hair and ability to Petrify them with ease.

Unique Kills Edit

Crawler Edit

Unique Kill- Edit

The Crawler will use its standard jump slash attack but ends up stabbed repeatedly halfway through by the Kunoichi, eventually dying.

Trivia Edit

Kunoichi level: Assassination- Ninjas and Kunoichi Declare War

The Kunoichi can change into any enemy possible and infiltrate the ranks. But is best to use during epic battles where the enemy will never notice it