"We are the Javelineers! With our mighty Javelin, we pierce our forces with ease!" By Anyomous User

Intro Edit

The Javelineers are Ranged Spearton who can also converted into Melee units under certain circumstances

Stats Edit

Health 2 Bars (Unarmored) (3 if

Armor Up is in use)

Faction Order Empire

Spearton Nation

Attack Moderate (Upgraded with

Armor piercing Javelins)

Weapon Javelin
Javelin Carrier


1 Bar Javelin Carrier


Unavailable unless

Javelineer Thrower converts into a Melee Unit

Cost 350 Gold150 Mana (100 on Stick Empires (game)) Population Cost 2

Abilities Edit

Melee Convert Edit

The Javelineer will begin using its Javelin to melee attack allowing the Javelin Carrier to defend itself instead of making a large amount of Javelins so that the Javelineer can use them.

Armor Piercing Javelins Edit

The Javelins will be upgraded to do more damage

Armor Up Edit

Gives the Javelineer an extra health Bar

Javelin Carrier Edit

The Carrier is a sorcerer who crafts the Javelins for the Javelineer to use. If the Javelin Carrier is killed in battle, the Javelineer will automatically convert into a Melee unit.

Relationships With Other Nations Edit

Speartons Edit

The Speartons and Javelineers get along with each other like a dog and a cat, badly. The Speartons dislike them because of their devotion to ranged instead up fighting up close to death. The Javelineers dislike them for risking their lives too much instead of finding a way that they can save their lives instead by devoting into Ranged Units.

However, when a push comes to a shove, they will both agree to work together to defend their home nations from their enemies

Juggerknights Edit

Read 1st Paragraph of Speartons

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