I didn't know where else to post this, so sorry if any one thought this was a new empire coming to the game. But it's just a fan made one...

Infection Empire

Lore -

How it started....

During the times of Stick War One, all the blood, and death, caused a disease to break loose into the world, At first it was just a natural virus, making people sick, causing some to die. And like all viruses, a cure was found for this one, leading to every infected person to be cured, and eradication of the disease, But... just because it was eradicated, didn't mean it was gone.... days after the Chaos Empire, and medusa were defeated, some where on an island far away Inamorta, an island called Prospera, the disease had survived and made it there. It was contained in the body of the last infected person. Some strange technological group inhabiting the island experimented on the disease, and improved it. After a few years, they developed a device, which had the purpose of turning the virus into a Bio-Weapon, to take out any who oppose these people.

The day it went wrong...

A week after the completion of the device, they wanted to test it on the infected subject. The device shot a beam at the subject, it harmed him very much, he grew angry, and angrier, until he couldn't take it. The blast, combined with the subjects hatred, and determination to destroy all who have hurt him, the virus grew to eye sight, and the man transformed into the first member of the Infection Empire, Immediatly Subject started to attack the natives, and had the power to infect the organic materials in them, giving the Infection Empire more power.

The use of the power...

After Subject converted the whole island with the virus, he decided it was time to go destroy the only other people that has hurt him... The Order Empire.

He set sail on his beasts, along with his army, and went to Inamora...


Collecter -

Speed - Slow

Health - 1 bar

Gold - 75

Produce - 6s

Pop - 2


 Grow: Target statue, or gold mine, Becomes a collector pod, +2 Chosen Resource every second, double pop use.

 Mutate: Become a Spore Shooter.

Infected -

Speed - Moderate

Gold - 100

Produce - 7s

Pop - 1

Health - 1 bar

Attack - 1/7 of a bar

Attack Speed - Moderate


 Consume: Consume a corpse to increase health

Bloater -

Speed - Slow

Gold - 200

Faith - 40

Produce - 10s

Pop - 2

Health - 1 bar

Attack - 1/5 of a bar

Attack Speed - Slow


 Carrier: On death, explode in a medium raidius, poison all damaged, and spawn 3-4 Bio-Lings


Speed - Fast

Not Produced

Pop - 0.5

Health - Half a bar

Attack - 1/6 of a bar

Attack Speed - Fast

Explodes on death, with a small radius, and poisons all damage


Speed - Moderate

Produce - 14s

Gold - 350

Faith - 50

Pop - 4

Health - 3 Bars

Attack - 1/3 a bar

Attack Speed- Below Moderate

Ability -

 Hardened Carcass: Take 20% Less Damage


Speed - Slow

Produce - 10s

Gold - 250

Pop - 2

Health - 2 Bars

Attack - 1/2 a bar, Ranged

Attack Speed - Below Moderate


 Convert: When this unit kills an enemy, 10% chance that enemy spawns an Infected

Swarmlings (3 small flying infected creatures, counting as 1 unit)

Speed - Fast

Produce - 13s

Gold - 400

Faith - 100

Health - 3 Bars

Attack - 1/6 of a bar, Ranged

Attack Speed - Above Moderate

Shoots 3 attacks.

Everytime it loses a bar, one of the Swarmlings die, and 1 of the attacks is lost.

Bio-Ling Mass (Large Unit)

Speed - Slow

Produce - 30s

Gold - 1300

Health - 9 Bars

Pop - 5

Attack - 1 Bar

Attack Speed - Very slow


 Swarm: When this unit loses a bar, 5-6 Bio-Lings spawn


Speed - Slow

Produce - 18s

Gold - 500

Faith - 150

Health - 3 Bars

Pop - 4

Attack - 1/2 a bar, Ranged

Attack Speed - Below Moderate


 Forced Conversion: Transform an enemy unit into an Infection Empire equal, 20s Cooldown

 Infection Growth: Spawns a Spore Shooter, 23s Cooldown

 Regeneration (Aura): All Units near Converter regain 1/10 a bar every 2 seconds


Speed - Moderate

Produce - 20s

Gold - 600

Faith - 300

Health - 4 Bars

Pop - 4

Attack - 1/10 of a bar

Attack Speed - Above Moderate


 Web of the Virus: Gains 10% Extra Attack, and Health for all other military units you control

 Revenge: Deals 10% Extra damage to Normal Sticks(Most of Order Empire -Not the Giant-, the basic 4 elementals, V, Enslaved Miners, and Juggerknights)


Spawning Ground

 -Consume, 20s, 300G

 -Carrier, 20s, 400G/50F

 -Hardened Carcass, 20s, 500G/100F

 -Intelligent Biomass, 20s, 300G/300F, Infantry Units are produced 20% faster

Infested Hall

 -Convert, 20s, 300G/200F

 -Spores, 20s, 350G/250F, Gives poison damage for Swarmlings, and Spither

Bio-Ling Nest

 -Mass(1), 20s, 400G/400F, Increases the health of Bio-Ling Mass by 20%

 -Mass(2), 30s, 600G/600F, Increases the health of Bio-Ling Mass by 30%

 -Corroding Blood, 20s, 500G/300F, Poison Damage from Bio-Ling's deal 30% more damage, and make enemies take 10% more damage

Growth Spire

 -Grow, 5s, 150G/20F

 -Mutate, 20s, 200G/100F, Allows the construction of the Spore Shooter

 -Terraformed Territory, 20s, 300G/200F, All Ground that you control spawn Bio-Ling Egg Mines 3 feet away from each other near the control point.

 -Passive Growth(1/2/3), 10s, 100G/100F, 200G/200F, 300G/300F, Passive Gold income

Spore Shooter

Cost - 100G/20F

Shoots Spores that poison enemies

Produce - 10s

Subject's Dome

 -Web of the Virus, 20s, 400G/200F

 -Revenge, 20s, 300G/100F

Converted Guild

 -Forced Conversion. 20s, 300G/400F

 -Regeneration, 25s, 500G/200F

 -Infection Growth, 20s, 400G/300F

Why you should choose the Infection Empire


Large, Swarming Armies

Cheap, moderate units

Gains units from enemy

Doesn't need loads of miner class units


Most Reasearch is slow

Most Units have low health

Has a sad leader....